Top Nepali Vloggers and Youtubers you need to subscribe to

Top Nepali Vloggers and Youtubers you need to subscribe in 2020

Technically Youtubing and Vlogging are now becoming trendy in Nepal, and so many new YouTubers are coming up with niche-specific contents. The list of top Nepali Youtubers and Vloggers is not only depended upon the number of subscribers but the valuable response from the viewers. So, Here is the list of top Nepali YouTubers and Vloggers 2020.

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iamsega is also known as a Sagar Gurung. A YouTuber who is one of the most subscribed YouTubers from Nepal. Who has gained over 1 million subscribers and 274 million views to his channel?.

  • Subscribers: 1.04 M
  • Views: 274.08 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2016-01-05

Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Neetesh Jung Kunwar, a singer who touches every youth heart with songs like “gedai jasto jindagi,” “Hamro Nepal ma,” “Flirty Maya,” “Aashma,” “Heartly Maya” and many more. Before his one of the famous song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi,” he was not so popular. But after “gedai Jasto jindagi” he becomes famous Grabbing thousand of Nepali youth’s attention.

  • Subscribers: 533.48k
  • Views: 93.60 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2016-01-09

Ming Sherpa

Ming Sherpa

A Nepali YouTube star who is famous for his own unique style. He has earned huge popularity for his unique style of Comedy Videos. Ming Sherpa is also known as “Swag keta moh” after his songs “swag keta moh” came out and gone viral.

  • Subscribers: 478.22 k
  • Views: 43.01 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2016-09-02

James Shrestha

James Shrestha

James Shrestha is also known as top YouTubers: Vloggers in Nepal who gained over 462 K subscribers. His channel features Prank, Reaction, and Vlog. Apart from prank and reaction videos, James was already a somewhat famous singer with the songs “Yo Timle Garda Ho” and “Timi Lai”.

  • Subscribers: 462.91 k
  • Views: 36.51 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2015-04-04



Youtube gives birth to a very active and dedicated vlogger to Youtube Sensation on Nepal. Chetan Karki’s channel ChetanVlogs features Vlog and music as well; he also helps to promote new artists. He owns a garden cave restaurant at pulchwok, Lalitpur. As well as him, Apart from him, her daughter Dixita Karki aka “PUGU” is also famous for her songs.

  • Subscribers: 415.73 K
  • Views: 40.13 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2010-06-04

Anand Nepal

Anand Nepal

Anand Nepal is a popular video blogger/Youtuber in Nepal. He started his channel back in 2009 by featuring slideshows news reports of The Nepali entertainment Industry.

  • Subscribers: 375.52 K
  • Views: 106.60 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2009-08-17

Nepali Pranksters

Nepali Pranksters

Nepali Pranksters, having approximately 370 K subscribers. This Channel features different Entertaining and funny pranks where the actor does roguish performances on the streets.

  • Subscribers: 370.70 k
  • Views: 50.33 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2013-11-18

Sabin Karki-Beest

Sabin Karki-Beest

Sabik Karki (Beest) is also known as a successful choreographer, Dancer, Video Editor, and Youtube Vlogger. His channel feature dance video and Short Comedy Videos, which are going insanely viral all over Nepal. His each and every short comedy videos hit the trending number.

  • Subscribers: 359.99
  • Views: 22.35 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2015-07-23

Sushant KC

Sushant KC

Sushant KC, His Fans call him Nepali Version of En Sheeran. His songs are winning hearts everywhere with his melodious musical voice. Every time he publishes his new songs on Youtube, it gets Trending on youtube.

  • Subscribers: 324.52 K
  • Views: 52.39 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2013-07-13

Girish Khatiwada

Girish Khatiwada

Girish Khatiwada aka Gorkhali G, Famous Nepali Rapper and Vlogger in Nepal. He is also known as Nepal’s First Rapper in Nepali Musical Industry.

  • Subscribers: 322.50 K
  • Views: 38.91 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2006-01-01

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Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya, Popular Nepali Vlogger, Filmmaker, Documentary filmmaker, and a photographer. His Presentation Skills, Creative editing, his Video Effect, and a subject he used to pick up make him unique and very different from other vloggers.

  • Subscribers: 298.47 K
  • Views: 24.05 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2008-09-29

Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Nepali Singer, songwriter, and composer based on the US. He started his musical Journey with the Cover Song publishing on his Youtube Channel. He has been able to grab the youth audience from his unique singing techniques.

  • Subscribers: 257.70 K
  • Views: 52.64 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2012-02-21

Almoda Rana Uprety

Almoda Rana Uprety

Almoda Rana Uprety is a Nepali Playback Singer. He is also known for his Great ability for singing and composing music. His songs “Funtastic” and ” Kaile Vetne Khai” was his greatest hit songs.

  • Subscribers: 250.45 k
  • Views: 45.33 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2016-02-16

Prankster Revival

Prankster Revival

Prankster Revival, Behind this channel name there is one persona Ashish prasai. He is known as Best Prankster in Nepal having approximately 230k subscribers.

  • Subscribers: 231.17 k
  • Views: 25.66 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2015-08-09

Aayush Rimal

Aayush Rimal

Aayush Rimal is a popular Youtubers/Vlogger haveing approximately 186k Subscribers and 19.35 million views on his channel. His primary focus in on Sastirical prank on social problems, current affairs, and roasting with his own style.

  • Subscribers: 186.94 k
  • Views: 19.35 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2013-08-18


  • Subscribers: 140.90 K
  • Views: 14.65 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2016-01-04

Random Nepali

  • Subscribers: 123.93 K
  • Views: 10.55 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2015-07-10

Anjila Tamang

  • Subscribers: 95.08 K
  • Views: 5.23 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2011-01-13

Nicky Karki

  • Subscribers: 86.42 K
  • Views: 13.85 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2012-05-06

Bartika Eam rai

  • Subscribers: 67.25 K
  • Views: 14.89 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2011-05-11

why so offended?

  • Subscribers: 68.28 K
  • Views: 3.28 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2012-10-09

Milan Thapa

  • Subscribers: 59.70 K
  • Views: 6.78 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2013-09-06

Abin Bho

  • Subscribers: 35.35 K
  • Views: 1.09 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2014-07-03

it’s Darshan

  • Subscribers: 33.00 K
  • Views: 961.03 K
  • Channel Created Date: 2012-12-23

Saunak Bhatta

  • Subscribers: 29.24 K
  • Views: 1.20 M
  • Channel Created Date: 2011-10-04

To Place, your favourite YouTubers and vloggers in the top Rank Below Please Do comment below if they aren’t listed already.

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