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Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023

Here we are going to discuss the Top Classified Sites in Nepal. Before knowing anything, first, you should know more about the classified sites.

A classified site is a place where you post your ads for business promotion. These websites provide free advertisements for selling and buying items, jobs, services, vehicles, computers, rental and many more.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal
Top Classified Sites In Nepal

List Of Top Classified Sites In Nepal

1. HamroBazar.com

Hamrobazar.com is the top classified sites in Nepal. It allows individuals or companies to list a wide variety of new or used products online. In this site, we mostly can find the used products at very low prices. We can get furniture items, electronics, land, house and many more on this site.

It is the 8th most visited sites in Nepal. Not only site but Hamrobazar also has its an android app, you can get it on Google Play store for free.  It’s very quite easy to operate their android app as well their site with very simple and clean User Interface.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 1
Hamro Bazar

2. InternetPasal

InternetPasal.com is one of the fastest-growing free classifieds marketplaces in Nepal. This platform helps the buyers and sellers to have a safe item sale all over Nepal. This site allows users to post ads for free. Internetpasal is helping local markets to sell products digitally.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 2
Internet Pasal

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3: Biskoon

Biskoon is the customer to customer (C2C) based online classified and marketing website for users in Nepal.

This site provides the best platform for advertisement and listing of most of the classifieds including goods, items, materials, properties, services, skills and much more in local communities throughout Nepal. In order to list down your ads, you just need to register on this site.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 3

4: Nepsify

Nepsify.com is the next generation of free online classifieds. It provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing and meeting people near you.

The site looks very clean and attracting.  In order to post down your ads, you need to register your account at first. It has three types of ad listings,  All Ads, Random Ads, and Popular Ads. You can see the latest ads in All Ads section, Ads display randomly in the Random Ads section and most viewed Ads will be shown in the Popular Ads section.

You can view or post down the Ads on the basis of location, Categories and Price range. And this site also even has premium ads posting features. All these things make Nepsal one of the top classified sites in Nepal.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 4

5. SuperNepal

SuperNepal.com is the best Classified Ads website in Nepal. The website looks very simple and clean. You don’t even need to register to post down your ads, which makes this site very cool.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 5
Super Nepal

6. Chhito.com

Chhito is a free classified site in Nepal. You need to create your account before posting ads on this site. Here you can find apartments, houses, lands, vehicles, and many more at affordable prices. This site also the best place to promote your local business.

Chhito doesn’t give you more options like product age, negotiating option, item specification. You can mention all these but only in the description box. This thing makes Chhito a little bit more complex.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 6

7. NepaliAds

NepaliAds is also the rising Classified site in Nepal. You can post free ads for your Services, goods, or anything you like to.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 7
Nepali Ads

8. Kinbech Nepal

Kinbech Nepal is an online market place that has a solution for all your problems. You can buy almost all products ranging from mobile products to agricultural equipment.

Kinbech Nepal binds local citizens to purchase, sell or share products and services instantly and conveniently to add a listing free of charge on their cell phone or the Internet.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 8
Kinbech Nepal

9. Hamro Nepali Bazar

Talking about Hamro Nepali Bazar, this website is also the emerging classified website in Nepal where sellers can post an advertisement for their item and reach the buyer quickly.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 9
Hamro Nepali Bazar

10. Bigyapan

Bigyapan is the emerging classified site in Nepal. Here people can buy and sell their new as well as old stuff. Not only this, but you can also sell your property, hire people for jobs, and many more. This site also has premium ads option. This option allows the seller to highlight their ads to the top of the search results.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 10

11. YPNepal

YPNepal.com is also Nepal’s topmost free classified site in Nepal. It is open, where anyone can advertise their products. Seller doesn’t pay any fees to this site, it’s completely free of cost. The site is very simple and the categories are maintained properly.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 11


YohoBazzaar is an online Classified website that is Growing up in Nepali Market. You can post free ads for your Services, goods, or anything you like to.

this site has an extra services where an individual can advertise their business of service. Repairing of products, plumbing, delivery, maintenance can now be advertised through this website. Also, if a company has to post their job vacancy it can be done through yohobazaar.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 12

13. Adpost Nepal

Adpost Nepal is a Classified online marketplace that helps consumers of any status to conveniently purchase and sell their own goods as well as used materials. Agriculture goods, fashion wears, electronics, cell phones, home appliances, health and beauty products, and many more things are available.

Top Classified Sites In Nepal 2023 13

There are a lot of Classified Sites In Nepal that are online in this moment. Though we have listed maximum sites above we might have missed some of them so here are some of the list. in case you didn’t find your site listed here, please do comment down below or send us a query by visiting contact us section.

Safety Tips And Precautions

Classified sites only the platform for the buyers and the sellers to meet each other. Classified sites don’t offer any kind of buyer protection. The users are responsible for their ad content and their acts. Try to make face to face transactions.

  1. Try to make face to face transactions.
  2. Meet in-person and at a public place.
  3. Avoid buying or selling stolen products.
  4. Physically Check the product before making any payments.
  5. Always make payment through Bank including the proper remarks or purposes.
  6. Be more careful when buying/selling high-value items.
  7. Don’t buy any product without their warranty cards, VAT bills or any purchased bills.
  8. And the last and the most important is to use your common senses.

Disclaimer: In case of fraud or illegal activity, we recommend that you report it to local authorities.

What do you think about Top Classified Sites in Nepal and Which is your favourite one? Although we had deep research before listing these websites, there is always a coin unturned. So, if you have any suggestion regarding this topic or if you own your classified website, please leave comments we will add them soon.



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