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Daraz Launches Gems – Chance for Customers to Earn Free Vouchers Daily

6th September 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal’s leading online marketplace Daraz has officially launched their latest in-app feature called Daraz GEMS. This new feature now offers customers a chance to earn Daraz vouchers daily via the Daraz mobile application. GEMS is a reward system offered by Daraz to its customers for their continuous engagement on the Daraz app. These Gems can be redeemed for collectible vouchers which can easily be used anytime to avail discounts. Customers can earn Gems in three different ways – By logging in to the Daraz app daily, by shopping on Daraz, and by completing daily missions such as Add to Cart, Following Certain stores on Daraz, and searching items on Daraz.

This feature is available on both the android and IOS platforms. Users are requested to update their Daraz app in order to avail this new feature. To make the best use of Daraz Gems, users should visit the Gems home page on a daily basis via the Daraz app. There, they will not only be able to collect gems, but they will also be able to check the number of gems they have and will also be able to redeem those gems for discount vouchers. One of the best features of Daraz Gems is that it takes no time and effort to obtain gems. For example, users can easily earn 400 times the number of gems that they have by simply logging in daily on the Daraz app and by claiming the gems given to them.

For further questions or queries about Gems, please reach out to our Daraz Help Center at the given number: @ 015970597



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