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How to Start Freelancing in Nepal?

Freelancing in Nepal is one of the emerging and widely discussed topics in Nepal. Apart from all the captcha typing scams, Freelancing is a genuine way for an individual to earn some money. Freelancing is not easy; you do need skills and dedication.

This article will discuss everything about How to Start Freelancing in Nepal and some of the most Popular Freelancing Platforms.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing means being free from the burden of a job. Here an individual can work when he wants. Freelancer works on contracts basis.

Freelancer employees are employed on part-time or short-term contracts by other enterprises. Still, they are not compensated as full-time employees or committed to any specific enterprise at the same level.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal

Advantages of Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing has changed the life of many people. In this pandemic situation, many people lost their job and couldn’t support their families. However, freelancing was one of the industries where everyone could operate from home.

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Here are some advantages which will surely encourage you to start your Freelancing carrier right now:

  • Client and Project Choice Freedom
  • Extreme location flexibility
  • A chance to earn more
  • Exposure to World Market
  • An opportunity to experiment with your skills
  • Becoming a Better Person

These points explain things positive about a freelancing career. If you work as a freelancer, you entirely have control over your boss and work selection. Moreover, an individual person living in a developing country like Nepal can earn some extra dollars, which values an extremely high price here. Also, there is no issue with the location, and a person gets exposure to the international market just working and relaxing in his room.

Things you should know before you start freelancing in Nepal.

Anyone, especially those in their early 20s, would be recommended to start freelancing. This is one of the most delicate things you can do to create a robust set of capabilities, establish financial freedom and get a clearer picture of what you want.

However, the beauty of establishing your working schedule and the ability to choose your boss is expensive. Before you start, these are the things you should know before you start freelancing in Nepal:

  • It takes time to succeed in freelancing
  • An unmanaged schedule will harm your personal life
  • Stress may overtake your confidence
  • Learn Money Management
  • Learning how much you should charge
  • Without skills, you won’t earn
  • Don’t quit your day job

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal?

You can follow this set of advise from a experienced freelancer:

Step 1: Setup Right Equipment

This might seem like a simple thing, but it is a crucial one. Before you start freelancing, keep in mind that you must need a suitable device. For all the freelancer is laptop is a must. Now, if you are going to teach guitar, a guitar with a good mic and camera is necessary.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal? 1

Using a suitable device will directly impact the result.

Step 2: Search the best market skill

Let me make it clear that without skills, there is no future in freelancing. One must search for the best market skills which are trending. For example, SEO Optimization is the best skill you can learn.

Step 3: Enhance your skills

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal? 2

I suggest you must give time to polish your skills. You can do different projects and work with the person with similar interests. This way, you can showcase your experience to your future clients.

Many unique skills are currently in demand. I have listed some of the skills that will help you get inside the freelancing world. The demands of international markets such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the US appear below:

Best Freelance Skills in Demand

Graphic design

Graphic design is one of the highly demanded freelance skills. Graphic Designer around the world uses freelancing as their best source of income. You can learn Illustrations, logo designing, and different other graphics-intensive skills. This will surely help you to work as a freelancer in the future.

Research throughout the world also shows that graphic design is a work that freelancers will increasingly perform. Companies don’t always have to have a graphic designer. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain new sorts of designs from freelancers because each has a distinct style.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media today is more than simply an entertainment medium. They are helpful for the promotion and maintenance of their products by companies. Most of each small or large firm has more than one profile across various social media sites.

Although it can appear straightforward, social media administration is hard work and requires extensive social media knowledge. Not just the information but also the response from the audience must be monitored and managed. This is the role of an administrator for social media.

Step 4: Establish your identity

The international market is full of buyers, but they are not dumb. If you are able to prove that you have the necessary skills and experience, they will surely hire you.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal? 3

Therefore, before setting up your online profile, give time for increasing your social presence on the sites like LinkedIn. There you can showcase your experience, certificates, and so on. Important suggestion: Do make a portfolio which you can give to any clients.

Step 5: Choose Right Freelance Platform

Now, you can enter the competitive market. There are many freelancing platforms. Among them, and are the best.


Upwork is the most notable workplace in the world that brings together millions of companies with independent talent worldwide. They provide a robust and confidential platform to everybody allowing corporations and freelancers to collaborate in innovative ways to realize their potential.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal


Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancers from Israel. For small one-stop projects or for gigs, Fiverr allows listing and application online.

Fiverr offers some of the most incredible freelancing bargains in various sectors, from content to logo design, some for only $5.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal? 4

3) is a freelancing website from Australia, which allows potential employers to advertise work, which can then be bid by freelancers. charges 10%, or 5% of the entire cost, on your subscription basis immediately. Most startups are free, and 10% of the total cost from is, therefore, to be charged. As a novice, you are likely not to be recruited by experienced employers. How to Start Freelancing in Nepal
Note: if you sign up from this refer link you will get $20 on your profile. Click Here.

Step 6: Choose the Right Price

It might be hard to establish the proper pricing for your services because they would not even consider employing you if you ask for the wrong price.

In the first instance, the easiest approach to choose the correct pricing is to look at the major independent markets and check what other freelancers charge. Because you are new, the pricing of experienced freelancers is not reasonable.

Step 7: Your First Proposal

A proposal must be made carefully to a customer.

It’s not like an ordinary email or a social media post. You have to give it serious thought and find out how you can convince your customer to offer you the work rather than all the others.

Step 8: Providing Result Beyond Expectations

The next stage is to ensure that you provide the project as requested by the customer when you get a task.

 You want to overlook the work in this situation by going beyond the expectations of the customer.

How to Start Freelancing in Nepal? 5

An example, I’m going to offer you. I used to get assignments to write blog articles with a set words count of 1,000 words early in my freelance career. I wrote approximately 1100-1200 and included a unique graphic header for the blog post upon delivery. No extra charge for it.

Your ultimate goal is to get that perfect five star rating.

Sum Up

Now you’re ready to deal with the freelance world. You may build a successful and productive career as a freelance worker with a lot of effort and hard work. That’s a guarantee.

If you want us to post some more content on How to Sign Up for Freelancing or How to make your first gig or proposal, do find time to leave a comment.

What are some freelance jobs types?

The  most Popular Freelance Jobs types are: Web Development, Teaching, Freelance Writing, Copywriting, Creative Design, Graphic Designing and Mobile App Development.

How freelancing works?

Freelancing is a contract job in which a person uses his talents and expertise to give services to a variety of clients instead of being recruited into an organization.

Do Freelancers need to pay tax?

The Internal Revenue Service sees freelancers as self-employed. Therefore you must file taxes as a company owner if you make money as a freelancer.



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