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Top 2 Google Photos Alternatives

Top 2 Google Photos Alternatives

As I keep trying to search for Google Photos alternative, I found the top 2 Alternatives of Google photos, let’s see what we can work with.
Google photo is a great service, it has limited storage up to 16 Megabytes and 1080 video which has a great image detection and searches with tag. You can create, share albums with other users, automatically upload everything you take to the cloud and access photos, videos from any devices. Google photos can auto-enhance your pictures, create moment tires and even suggest styling options.

If full HD resolution isn’t enough for you, you can upload everything at its native resolution. In this case, you will get 15 gigabytes of storage share with your Gmail photos and drive account. The storage can be upgraded for 2 dollars a month for 100gb or even you can go further than that.

All in all Google photos is a great option for everyone and it is available everywhere. The thing is that Google’s terms of service state that they can reduce, review, modify and generally use any of your content even after you’ve stopped using the service. Using Google Photos basically means you’ve transferred to google any rights to the image of yourself and your loved one. If that bothers you here are two services that could replace Google Photos.

1. Ever Album

Every album is an encrypted solution to storage and shares your photos. It offers unlimited high-resolution photos storage but doesn’t support videos on its 7 days free trial period. They are pretty costly 12$ a month. The premium plan provides you with free physical photobook as well and the access to Windows or Mac OS desktop client does not seem to work with fine, so you are stuck on mobile. Though with clients for Android and iOS the app allows you to automatically send your pictures from your camera roll and also pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Photos, or even SkyDrive.

It has easy sharing of album and pictures with friends and family even if they don’t use ever album. Ever also regularly shows you through the back or older pictures taking on the same day of a different year to help you look at your pictures. More often every album also automatically group photos into album based on location or date and also identify peoples faces right on your mobile phone so you can fill in their details of just to identify whoever they are.

If you like physically photos book ever has covered with ever books starting at $20, Ever is a good application and if you only interact with photos on mobile its a good choice. The lack of a free plan is unfortunate especially since the premium plan is a bit expensive. On the flip side, ever state in their terms and condition that they don’t share your content with others, including law enforcement.


2. Irista


Irista is Canon’s photo storing service which has the benefits of being made by a company whose sole business is allowing people to take pictures.
It’s pretty inexpensive as well giving you 15 GB for free with an unlimited resolution for your photos or videos. They do provide estimates for how many photos or videos each plan will allow you to store. You can upload to Irista direct from the web, your phone or tablet running iOS or Android and even directly from you canon DSLR. if you need more storage 100 gigabytes will cost $2 a month, one terabyte is $12 a month and you can go up to $120 a month for 10 terabytes.

Irista has a very nicely designed interface with powerful editing tools which won’t replace a photograph suite of software but might help in a pinch such as filters adjusting the various parameters of your image or changing its aspect ratio. The album needs to be created manually and can be shared easily even with people not using irista. You can even manage permission to download photos or not when you share your albums.

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You can also build a collaborative album with other Irista users to find all of the relevant pictures from a family trip or with the same project you are doing. Irista allows you to order a photo book, although they are a bit expensive starting at around 36 € for a small square book. Irista is a great value proposition for people who are not using canons DSLRs and it might be a great one to this day in terms of interface and pricing.

Storage apps:
Before you care about backing up your photos and videos online, you don’t need a dedicated photo storage service. You can always use a dedicated storage app to sync your photos from your phone to your PC such as Dropbox or Pcloud but you won’t get a nice web gallery interface or you won’t get simple album organization features. There is no real easy way to share albums to be viewed from Storage app, although some of the services allow some kind of similar stuff such as Pcloud which allows you to personalize and create a share link.

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If you’re on iOS devices honestly iCloud will be your best option even though the free storage is extremely limited. Pricing is not that high and it works seamlessly between your phone, the web cloud interface and other Apple devices if you have in it. If you are using Linux there are quite a bit number of service provides I personally use Pcloud which is inexpensive and works well but the pick is yours.

Obviously, this doesn’t cover all available services out there. if you are looking for a more private Instagram feed between your friend’s cluster can do the trick perfectly and if you’re looking for some kind of photo-oriented WordPress then Piwigo, it a great open-source gallery, allowing you to set permission customize your own photo gallery, install plugins. One can even deploy it on your server or subscribe to the Piwigo cloud instance.

Personally, since I use a Samsung phone and so do the people I want to share stuff I use its gallery application for shared albums and organizations and Pcloud to sync the picture to my desktop. if I did have to pick one specific service I’d go for irista made by the company which loves photography quite inexpensive. If you’re not a heavy video user it will probably be perfect.

Ever album is a great option as well with a very well designed application but it can be a bit expensive since it doesn’t offer a free plan. It’s photo books are a lot cheaper than Canons one though so if you go through these quickly this might be the service for you.

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