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List of Telecom operators in Nepal and Their Services

There are a total of 6 Telecom Operators in Nepal. Nepal Telecom is the first telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 91.49% of the government share.

NTA is the regulatory body of all of the Mobile Operators in Nepal. It means all of the Telecom Companies in Nepal should work under the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA).

According to the MIS report of NTA, Telecommunication network companies have 40,789,198 as on 14th May 2019.

So let’s find out all of the details about all Mobile Network Operators in Nepal.

1: Nepal Telecom

Well everybody knows about Nepal Telecom, Right? Nepal Telecom, commonly known as NTC is the first telecommunication service provider in Nepal. It was first founded in 1917 bringing first telephone lines in Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Telecom has 91.49% of the government share and remaining belongs to the public. It is the only Telecommunication Company in the country to provide a Landline phone in Nepal. According to the MIS report, Nepal Telecom has 798,704 Fixed Line subscribers until 14th May 2019.

It is the first telecommunication company to bring 3G services first in South Asia and first to bring 4G in Nepal.


Well, there is the sad truth with NTC. People need to pay more than Nrs 1000 to get one Sim Card years before. Probably, because of their Monopoly. But now, we can get a Sim Card in Rs 90 having Rs 50 airtime. We can see how the time changes and how the competition in the market always be beneficial for the public. And we can get NTC Sim-Card all over the country in stores and outlets.

Nepal Telecom 4G/LTE service is only available in Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley.


There are various ways to recharge your NTC Sim-Card. You can recharge through Online, Recharge Machine, and Recharge Card.

To recharge through recharge card, Dial *412*Pin Number# or you either dial 1414 and follow the instructions.


  • Widely Distributed
  • Cheapest in Nepal

Cons :

  • 4G/LTE service only limit to Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara

More Information :

  • Check Balance: Dial *400#
  • Recharge: Dial *412*Pin Number#
  • Website: www.ntc.net.np
  • APN: ntnet

2: Ncell :

Ncell is the second-largest mobile network company in Nepal owned by Axiata Group. It is the first privately owned company to run GSM Services in Nepal. Ncell used to be popular with the name “Mero Mobile” in the past. And later on in 2010, the name changed to “Ncell.”

Out of 100%, 41% of subscribers belong to Ncell.


Same as Nepal Telecom, Ncell is also widely distributed all over Nepal. Ncell released its 4G/LTE services first in Kathmandu Valley including Nagarkot, Banepa and Dhulikhel on June 1, 2017

Now, Ncell has expanded its 4G/LTE services in more than 1000 places of 7 provinces in Nepal. Ncell sim-card also can get in Ncell Centers, Mobile Stores, and in outlets.

More Information

  • Recharge Method: Online Top-Up, and Recharge Card.
  • To Recharge: Dial *102*Pin Number#.
  • To check balance: Dial *101#
  • Website: www.ncell.com.np
  • APN: web


  • Wide Coverage
  • Fastest 4G Internet


  • Expensive data plans
  • Mostly, it shows “E” inside the room even though it has full signal. (In some cities)

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3: Smart Cell

Smart Cell is listed as the third-largest Telecom operators in Nepal. It was established on 1st July 2008. Till 2018 it has provided its services to more than 45 districts of the country. Smart Cell launched their 4G/LTE services on October 28, 2017, in Kathmandu valley, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara.


Smart Cell offers 2 Sim Cards under Rs 99. You will get Rs 25 in each Sim Cards and 300 MB data on both Sims. Currently, Smart Cell is available in more than 45 districts in Nepal.

They have expanded their 2G services to 26 districts and 4G to 19 districts in Nepal.


  • Fastest Internet
  • Cheapest Data Plan


  • Service is Limited to Few Districts.

More information

  • Recharge Options: Online Top-up, Recharge Card
  • Recharge Method: Dial *122*Pin Number#
  • Check balance: Dial *141#
  • Website: https://www.smarttel.com.np
  • APN: “smart”

4: Nepal Satellite Company

Well! How many of you have heard about Nepal Satellite Company? Probably, Most of you haven’t. It was established on 1st July 2005 and it is the third private company to provide GSM services in Nepal. Nepal Satellite Company mainly focused its services on the undeveloped rural areas.

Their main mission is to provide excellent telecommunication services from the lower belt of Terai to the highest ranges of the Himalayas.


Currently, Nepal Satellite Company providing its services to more than 40 districts of the western part of the Country.

You can get a SIM card for Rs 100 where you get Rs 100 (50 for Net and 50 For Off-Net) included on it.


  • Services available even in Rural Areas
  • Lowest Call Tariff.


  • No coverage in Eastern Part of Country

More information

  • Website: www.hellonepalgsm.com
  • Recharge Options: Recharge Card
  • Recharge Method: Dial *3332*Pin Number#

5: UTL

UTL is one of the oldest telecommunication service provider in Nepal. It has the widest coverage in Nepal. But unfortunately, it has very low subscribers than previously mentioned service providers.

It is the association of four companies, who have come together in a joint venture. Out of four partners, three are the major telecom players in India and the fourth one is a local partner i.e. Nepalese Company.

More Information

  • Check balance: Dial 1223
  • Website: https://utlnepal.com



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