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Host Your WordPress Blog at Just NPR.479

Do you want to host your WordPress blog?

Then you need to find and get the best web hosting for your WordPress website from providers that are highly reliable and with a strong reputation in the market.

When it’s time to find a home for your small business’ website, there is numerous good web hosting company out there to choose from. The vast majority of which are hosting WordPress hosting offering amazing customer experience and at a much reasonable price. So finding the providers that meet your WordPress blog’s minimum requirements at a budget price from the crowd can be a chore. However, you need to make sure you opt good hosting provider that lets you host your website in a hosting rich environment offering you more value.
Yet, if you’re struggling to discover the best hosting company in Nepal with a balance between an affordable price and good performance, don’t torture yourself being a wandering fellow. Just anticipate your hosting requirements and go for it from trusted hosting provider in Nepal.

In this post, I will provide you with some wonderful insights on which hosting company is a relatively cheap and good provider and what makes it different from the rest providers in the market.
Before that, let’s first cover the fundamental things every WordPress(even low costs or budget hosts) need to have.

Latest PHP Versions and Updated Technology:

On their official site, the WordPress team has asked for minimum PHP version 7.3 or greater. However, WordPress sites working fairly in its older version doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t upgrade to the new one. The newer PHP version aids in enhanced performance of the site, improved security and added functionality.
Plus, you can simply ask your hosts sending them the letter. Let me put the letter sample as offered by WordPress’s official sites.

I’m interested in running the open-source WordPress Site, Software or the blog and I wonder if my account supports the following:⦁ Minimum PHP 7.3 Version or greater
⦁ MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater
⦁ HTTPS support


This way you’re ensuring your website will run at it’s the best level without having to panic obsessing whether or not it could run faster than your competition.

Website Resources Limits:

If you’re like me, then I’m pretty sure wondering of the fact – Are unlimited plan truly unlimited? Let me inform you often times unlimited hosting with unlimited bandwidth is just a marketing gimmick. Trust me there are no hosts that can give you truly unlimited hosting at the cheap rate they offer. Are you seeking for the logical answer why they couldn’t offer unlimited plans?

Well, let me help you think correctly. As different hosting companies have servers to run, electric bills to pay and lastly no employees work for free to any company. It means the cash flow needs to be balanced anyway, right? So now take some time and rethink in your own how they could offer bandwidth and storage for free or for some more bucks a month.

Yet, you’re confused? If you are, then ultimately you can try uploading heavy image file on the server, that lets you know the truth instantly. How? As the heavy files you upload on the server – these will quickly drain your server resources affecting the overall performance of the site.
Still some web hosts claim to offer unlimited web space, bandwidth amount and email accounts. Try looking at their terms and conditions in regards to the usage of the resources. Once, everything is fine, now look for other value-added features that best suits your requirements.

Site Performance:

Each hosting provider offers its own unique set of features and technologies at a budget price. In order to ensure, your site is running at its optimum level, you need to pay close attention to performance. Luckily, most hosts plan come with the 30-day money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied or company fails to deliver top quality service, it’s really convenient to switch to a different provider without having to lose any money.

Promotional offers:

Who doesn’t love deals, offers or discounts?
Indeed, we all do. Makes sense, right?
Also, many hosting companies offer cheap prices for their promotional purpose only. While some truly offer cheap price plan since they understand their valuable customers deserve even more discounts prices and premium support.

But, it goes without saying that your renewal plan a year later will end becoming higher than the previous discounted year. Obviously, you can avail exclusive benefits, in the long run, using the promotional offers if you succeed to make the correct hosting choice.

Why AGM Web Hosting is best for WordPress Blog Hosting?

How do we know if a web host is really good? Do disk storage space and bandwidth space features still matter these days? Or else there are some other valuable features that make hosting provider the best?

Choosing the best WordPress Hosting provider isn’t easy. It’s truly hard. Which is why most people struggle to find out the cheap and best one they can rely upon to host their site, regardless of their detail attention.

Let me ask you one quick question – Are you still using the free domain name for your blog? If yes, then first I would like to recommend you to own a custom domain name from any domain registration company in Nepal. Not sure, how you can do that? Read How to Use a Custom Domain in Blogger. Now you are all set to go seeking for a reliable hosting company out there in the market.

Here, I won’t list out a bazillion features you need to look for in any hosting provider. What I’ll show you instead is some useful and value-added features available at much low price at industry standard leading web hosting company AGM web hosting, which, in turn, help you run your blog site efficiently.

Don’t believe me? Here are some of the features you can not miss out as they’ve helped many bloggers to succeed in their blogging journey without having to stress even for a single moment.

When everything is going well, most clients tend to believe their hosting provider is awesome.
But when the thing goes wrong – and unfortunately it does and will – that’s when you get to know if you have partnered with a good web hosting company.

⦁ Hosting Upgrade Options: As your business grows, indeed your hosting needs do as well. Always remember great hosting provider let you upgrade to another, enabling you to seamlessly scale as you grow. Since migrating your web files to a new web hosting provider is always a major hassle, therefore consider one that offers scalable plans offering you more rooms to grow by upgrading to another plan conveniently.

⦁ Pricing and Value:  I always tend to meet the people who prefer to choose a web hosting company solely based on price factor only. While that’s not a great strategy, you should consider price factor and luckily there are companies who offer you extra discounts signing up for longer subscriptions. However, at AGM you are offered with great value-added features at a much cheap price. You can host your WordPress blog at Just NPR.479/year with their premium support. Moreover, they offer packages at multiple price levels to fit every budget at your hand.

⦁ Auto SSL Certificate and Backup Plan: AGM helps you enhance your website’s security with encrypted HTTPS improving its standing with Google.
Their custom backup tool lets you back up and restores old versions of your site in an intuitive way. In addition, their private server is backed up on a weekly basis to provide peace of mind to the customers.

⦁ Commitment to Security: Security is the hot concern topic for small to large businesses as they are more prone to get attacked by online criminals and hackers. Good WordPress Hosting provider allows securing site in every way possible implementing standard security measures.
Further, they help you ensure that your website is fast, secured & always up – so your visitors & search engines trust you and your business.

⦁ Customer Support: Slow loading of the sites, repeatedly hacking of the web files, 24-hour customer support response times … we’ve all had a bad hosting experience. Do we all enjoy such an experience? Probably not, right. You can have an amazing system to resolve your issues within minimum possible time if you opt a great web hosting company. They mostly offer support via tickets, Gmail, live chat or direct phone calls. They ensure they are offering more than just hosting such as giving high-value support and everything your brand needs to be successful.

The takeaway

And that’s it! Plenty of value-added features that you can avail for your WordPress blog when you choose AGM web hosting as your hosting provider.

But, before I wrap this up, I want you to remember this as well…

If your WordPress Blog is slow or down, then you are losing customers, prospects, conversion and search engine rankings. Thus, it is a good idea to choose a host that offers fast and reliable hosting service at any reasonable prices.

Please consider these features and seek the best host responsibly—I’m begging you! Don’t make a hasty decision based on publicity-seeking gimmicks and cheap plan. I believe you now are aware of the fact – you get what you pay for.

And if you know any other good features to look for in any good WordPress Blog Hosting, I’d love to learn them. Just share them in the comments below!

About the Author
Sameer Khan is an experienced Digital Marketing Manager at AGM Web Hosting and writes technical articles for web hosting businesses. His articles have also appeared in the number of various sites helping the business to grow more. Learn more about his article here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.



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