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World’s Top 5 Largest Smartphone Brands in 2020

Top 5 Largest Smartphone Brands: Counterpoint technology market research platform recently published a report on the Smartphone market, which has revealed the top 10 largest smartphone brands. All the report is about how much company has gained growth or has decreased. If we talk about the maximum smartphone selling company then Samsung comes on the top list on the report, but it still does not help the company with this growth. In the Growth ratio, Huawei is in top position which has increased 50 % of market expand comparing to last year.

Image Credit: Counterpoint Technology Market Research :Top 5 Largest Smartphone Brands
Image Credit: Counterpoint Technology Market Research: Top 5 Largest Smartphone Brands

You can see the above image report from the Counterpoint where they list Top 5 smartphone brands Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo. The above data has been confirmed on the basis of which the company has sold million smartphone units. In the report, they have Recorded the Growth and shrink of last year (2018) first quarter compared to this year (2019) first quarter of Smartphone brands.

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In the First quarter (2018) Samsung has sold out 78.2 Million units and in this year. First quarter Samsung has sold out 72.0 Million Units smartphone. In this list another company, Huawei comes on the second position, who sold 39.3 Million on last Q1(2018) and on the current year they have doubled the unit sale i,e 59.1 million. On Company growth, COunterPoint researcher Shobit Shrivastav has said that Huawei got some of the benefits from its sub-brand Honor too, where they have launched many affordable and budget range phones and they have introduced the new technology at first like, Reverse wireless charging, On-board AI, Advance camera features.

Counterpoint Technology Market Research has said that Samsung occupies 21% of the smartphone market where Huawei has 17%, Apple has 12% and Xiaomi and Oppo have 8-8% market share. In the list of Top 10 Largest Smartphone company, there is more company like Oppo and Vivo which has included in the list of companies that have the highest growth rate.



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