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Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps

Now, the hands comprise the entire planet. A Smartphone that lets you live your life a lot easier is one of the best innovations of the 21st century. The application sometimes named shortly “App,” has been an integral part of our life. Today there is an interface for nearly all stores, internet sales, regular activities, taxis, etc. The Smartphone Device helps us to function within a minute of time and distance. So, we bring you some of the Useful And Popular Nepali Apps.

Disclaimer: The logos listed in this blog post are not claimed to be original. They are used only for representation purpose. The post is entirely focused on the author’s own view, and Techinfo Nepal can’t contest the order of Nepali Apps mentioned here.

List of Useful And Popular Nepali Apps

There are many smartphone phone users in Nepal. Therefore, Nepali Developers are working all night just to provide us with some handy and useful application for us. Here goes the list of Useful And Popular Nepali Apps:

1. Hamro Patro

If you ask me about the essential Nepali Apps on my phone, It’s really hard to forget about Hamro Patro. Hamro Patro is all in one app that helps you to track Nepali Dates, Horoscope, Latest News and Magazine. Hamro Patro also provides additional features like Foreign Exchanges rate information, Radio, Gold/Silver and so on.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • Nepali Dates
  • Horoscope
  • Latest News and Magazine
  • Foreign Exchanges rate information
  • Radio
  • Gold/Silver

2. Foodmandu

Foodmandu stills remain one of the best food delivery app in Nepal. The founder of Foodmandu is Manohar Adhikari. Foodmandu is a food delivery app in Kathmandu. Although Foodmandu hasn’t expanded its reach to all around Nepal, we will surely see them doing this in future.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • More than 180 resturant to surf from.
  • All day service from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Minimum order requirement
  • Fast delivery
  • Active support

3. eSewa

eSewa – Nepal’s first digital payment platform provides an efficient approach for online payment. It is also one of the best and popluar Nepali Apps. Customers can pay, send and receive money instantly using eSewa digital wallet simply via their mobile phone and the Internet. Since 2009, eSewa have been involved and licensed as a payment service provider by Nepal Rastra bank.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • TopUp
  • Pay Online Bills
  • Dedicated eSewa Store
  • Bank Support
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Reward Point System

4. Pathao

Pathao is the largest and most successful Kathmandu-based ride-hailing service, which is one of Asia’s fastest expanding technology companies to pursue innovative solutions to daily public transportation issues. It was founded in Bangladesh in 2015 and officially launched in Kathmandu on 25 September 2018.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • Bike and Car service
  • Earn with Pathao
  • 24/7 Customer support

5. Merojob

Next in our list is non other than Merojob. Merojob is one of the leading work providers in Nepal since it’s launch in 2009, with more more than 300 million page views. Established as an eventual link between employing employees and the job seekers, Merojobs has well-known recruiting strategies and skilled management in Nepal.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • Unique Working Culture
  • Benefit Packages
  • Corporate Ambience
  • Rewards and Recognition

6. Daraz Shopping

Daraz is Nepal ‘s top eCommerce platform, providing a solution for any consumer need. It sells a diverse and large variety of items such as garments, appliances, cell phones, homes and lives, wellness and beauty products, etc.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps

Daraz intends to deliver the best shopping experience in Nepal to its clients. The online store is refreshed every day and new items are introduced to suit your every need.


  • Online Payment Service
  • Support for eSewa Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Money Back Gurantee
  • Best Customer Support

7. Lok Sewa Nepal

Lok Sewa Nepal is cloud and smartphone application for Public Service Commission, Nepal to study, feedback, exercise queries, electronic training and other content. Any person who is preparing for their public service commission exam must download this application.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • General knowledge
  • News
  • Question Banks
  • Daily Quiz
  • Model Sets

8. Nepal License All in One

Nepal License All in One is the first training app for driving licenses with full instructions. All in One is not only accessible on the web site but also has application for Smartphone device. You can quickly register for Exam(Likhit), Trials and do not need to recall the Exam(Likhit) Outcome, License Printed Status & Tax Information SMS message.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • License Result
  • Register for driving exams
  • License Status
  • Online Exam test
  • DOTM Data

9. Jeevee

Jeeve is a pharmacy app dedicated to providing online health service. By manual scanning or medication downloading, users may order medicines. Medical devices may also be bought from the app, other than medicines. You may call the certified pharmacists of Jeevee for any queries. You may also book doctors’ appointments or select online consultation.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • Buy Medicine and medical equipments
  • Online Doctor Appoitment
  • Request for Blood
  • Cash on Delivery

10. Mero Adhikar

Mero Adhikar is dedicated to the publication of national and international human rights laws and law analysis, the Supreme Court of Justice ‘s seminal judgments and related judgements.

Top 10 Useful And Popular Nepali Apps


  • Learn to recognize the Constitution
  • Nepal ‘s legislative requirements
  • Voicemail functionality
  • English and Nepalese assistance

Honourable Popular Nepali Apps

Educational Apps

Medical Apps

  • Jeevee
  • DIMS Nepal
  • Hamro Doctor
  • Nepills

Foods Apps

  • Foodmandu
  • KKFC
  • FoodMario
  • Bhojdeals

Mobile wallet

  • Esewa
  • Khalti
  • IME Pay
  • Prabhu Pay
  • Connect IPS
  • Cellpay
  • Q-Pay

Ecommerce Apps

  • Daraz
  • Kirana
  • Hamrobazar
  • Sastodeal


These are some of the Useful And Popular Nepali Apps. Hope you are satisfied with our listing.

Any Developers who wish to list their application on the blog can contact us or just comment below.

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