Top Nepali Streamers and Gamers in Nepal Ultimate List

Nepali Streamers or gamers have been getting popularity these days. Gamers are a type of streamer whose primary focus is live streaming their gameplay on the game. It has become a career option in Nepal too.

I come from the time where Mario and contra were some popular games. I lived in the arcade gaming era. However, things have changed now. People tend to spend plenty amount of money to get their gaming device. People pay such big money to get the best performance from triple-A title games.

Online streaming has attracted many youth. It has encouraged youth to put their skill and time in something they really love to do. Gamers are type of streamer whose primary focus is live streaming their gameplay on the game.

So, we have listed the top Nepali Streamers and Gamers for you. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Nepali Streamers and Gamers

Here is the list of most popular Youtube Nepali Streamers.

4K Gaming Nepal

Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal 4k Gaming Nepal

4k Gaming Nepal is one of the first channels to start streaming in Nepal. This channel is owned by Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri. Talking about the sub count, it is 93,600 as of April 2020. The subscriber is increasing rapidly so he may soon be the first Nepali Streamers to hit the 100k subscriber mark. He has also been an inspiration among all Nepali Gamers.


Top Nepali Streamers and  Gamers in Nepal  Honest and unbiased list Nero

Nero is the second most popular streaming channel in Nepal with a total of 82,300 subscribers. Nero Subba is the owner of this channel. You will love his M416 Spray on enemies. He might not be much known among the Nepali Streamers and Gamers but he is popular internationally.


Top 5 Nepali Streamers  Gamers in Nepal MilOn

This channel is known for it’s pure Pubg Mobile streaming on mobile device. MilOn is respected as one of the only streamers who exist playing Pubg Mobile with no other games on his playlist. He has a massive audience of 75,600. You can always check him and get entertained with his exciting gameplay and streams.


Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal SK49

SK49 is another streamer who is famous among Nepali Gamers. He is not only a streamer but also a professional Pubg Mobile player who has been a part of the biggest tournament like PMCO Global and so on. This channel has much to offer. You will get the best gameplay with his entertaining commentary.


Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal Mr.Hyozu

Mr.Hyozu was not much famous before his frag grenade knock to SoulMorTal and his awesome M249 spray in PMCO semi-finals. His awesome gameplay in one of the most competitive tournament gave the real exposure of his awesome skill. I am sure you will miss a lot if you don’t subscribe to this Nepali Gamer.

HYPE Gurkha

Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal HYPE Gurkha

Here is another professional player who has been part of PMCO, HYPE Gurkha. This guy holds mastery in all sorts of guns in Pubg Mobile. He is also known internationally and this guy has even done collab gameplay with Scout.

977 Nepal

Top Nepali Streamers and  Gamers in Nepal | Honest and Unbiased list 1

977 Nepal might be the channel you are searching for. 977 Nepal is heaven for gamers. This channel has been streaming daily and uploads all videos related to sports, gaming, breaking news, information etc. According to 977 Nepal, their goal is to be a no.1 gaming channel in Nepal. If you want to subscribe to them, you can follow them.

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Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal SOLTISQUAD

This channel was owned by James Shrestha but Team SOLTISQUAS’s channel got hacked, So, he gave this channel to the team. This channel is all exciting Pubg Mobile Gameplay. You can also drag into the old videos to see James Shrestha as a gamer. All in all, this channel is a total mixture of good gameplay video and unique content.


Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal HYPE Gurkha

SLVR claims to provide authentic content with entertainment too. SLVR is a PC player as well a mobile streamer with an audience base of over 43,000. He is less known from his real name Sudhan Magar and popular among the youth as SLVR ‘The Master of Snipers.”


Top 5 Nepali Streamers Gamers in Nepal BINAY-YT

BINAY-YT is a channel from one of the biggest roasters in Nepal Biki Roaster. Frankly speaking, this channel is all about entertainment. I love the fact that he tries to play every other game. In the world where every other streamer is stuck in Pubg Mobile, BINAY-YT offers you the gameplay of different genre.

We have included the list of top Nepali Streamers. Neverthless, here are some other Nepali Streamers and Gamers with great gameplay and entertainment. You should check them out.

Wrap up

Here we have listed top Nepali streamers. They are some of the best players who have successfully won the heart of Nepali Gamers. Although we had deep research before listing these names, there is always a coin unturned. So, if you have any suggestion regarding this topic or if you own your Youtube channel, please leave comments we will add them soon.

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