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Data Breach in Nepal: Driving License Applicants Data in Risk

In a world where everyone uses the internet to store all their data, hackers can easily take over your information, even the minor details. It is not wrong to say that there is no place to hide.

Data Breach in Nepal

All of us are aware of the recent incident of the Foodmandu and Vianet data breach. It was not easy for hackers to crack the security flaws in two of the biggest companies in Nepal. All the sensitive information like Name, Date of birth and Email address were hacked and exposed publicly.

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Department of Transport Management and It’s Negligence

It has been only the starting of 2020 and we have seen the power of hackers. So, we have a question for DOTM or the Department of Transport Management in Nepal: Do you still think your result publishing system is secure? Every day thousands of written exam result is published on the area based pages. They provide clear information on the Applicants name and citizenship number.

Data Breach in Nepal Driving License Applicants Data in Risk

It is irony to think of a nation that tends to leak the information of its citizen into the one of the most unsecured place. You make think it won’t make even a sense to think so deeply but it is the right time to think and raise question. We are in a situation: if not now it will be never.

The government in Nepal and the Department of Transport Management must take some good lessons from other nations. America and many European Countries take this information as sensitive data and never disclose them this easily.

Thus, apt steps should be taken fast to prevent the next big Data Breach in Nepal. Department of Transport Management and its negligence should be taken as a serious cyber flaw. Moreover, companies who don’t follow Cyber Law must be punished or fines.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my personal view.



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