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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Global Update Is Here What’s New

Finally, after the long wait, PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0 update has started rolling out. The new update includes several new changes and additions, such as Mad Miramar, more weapons, upgrades and bug fixes.

You can update to the latest version from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

List of the new features and Additions

  • Mad Miramar
  • P90 weapon
  • Canted Sight
  • Weapon and Attachment Improvements
  • Jungle Adventure mode (coming soon)
  • Bluehole Mode (coming soon)
  •  Cheer Park
  • Major Visual Change
  • Silver fragments Redeem Item addition
  • Bug Fixes

Mad Miramar

The biggest improvement is the Miramar version, which undoubtedly was one of the most commonly played maps. This new update, however, adds dramatic features to maps including a sandstorm.

PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0 comes with Mad Miramar, Canted Sight

In any area of the map, sandstorms may occur. There are new elements on the Miramar map. The northern part of the map was filled with an oasis, and Urban Ruins to the northwest. There have been added additional housing, roads and resources.

P90 weapon

For the Arena the P90 has been introduced and in close combat it is a terrifying weapon. The gun rounds 9 mm and has a normal capacity of up to 50 shots from the magazine.

PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0 comes with Mad Miramar, Canted Sight P90 weapon

It is shot in three different modes: single, burst, and full-auto. Both SMG Muzzle, 1x-6x Scope and Laser Sight fittings are eligible for the P90.

Canted Sight

PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0 comes with Mad Miramar, Canted Sight

Just as PUBG started to feel awkward, an attachment alone would be appropriate to change the way we play the game. Here comes the latest canted sight update. This is a weapon built in that allows players to turn easily between either view of their choosing and a canted red point view.

Weapon and Attachment Improvements

Previously, the Win 94 could not be fitted with a scope and it was a major downside to the gun. Now, however, this sniper rifle comes with a 2.7x range, which will make it a powerful weapon.

Here are some other improvements that come with PUBG Mobile Global Update:

  • Once the S1897 is loaded to views, the view from the iron sights can not be disabled.
  • Improved Bullet markups
  • Added a path to Crossbow bolts that allows the calculation of each shot’s flight direction.
  • Improve Light Grip: The new result is: ‘Much greater stability in firefighting and the recovery speed.’ Enhanced sight movement stability in moving with enabled Sight.
  • Improvements to Flare Gun: players will see the type of supply that will be summoned by the Flare Gun (vehicle or airdrop).

Bug Fixes

Here are some of the bugs that are supposed to be fixed by the time you update to PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0:

  • Corrected a bug that caused some screens to lag.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a major drift in some vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lagging in battle when HDR +60 fps was enabled in some high-performance devices.

 Cheer Park

A gaming area of 20 players can be accommodated anytime at Cheer Park. Most of the basic features of the training ground enable players to communicate in real-time with other players.


Real-time interaction includes:

  • Players can display other player stats, chat, interact Emotes and add friends.
  • Players are able to link up and play games in various modes with other teams.
  • In Cheer Park players will invite their mates to connect with each other and roast their chicken together.

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Wrap Up

As with some of the finer improvements found in the 0.18.0 update, some modifications have drawn our attention with better and worse. PUBG Mobile continues to show the abundance of content and upgrading 0.18.0 makes this base even better.

So, don’t waste your time and update to the latest PUBG Mobile Global Update 0.18.0.



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