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OnePlus launches bug bounty program with rewards up to $7000

OnePlus bug bounty program is such a big opportunity for Bug Hunters in Nepal to expose their debugging skills to the world. The OnePlus Bug Bounty Program will award rewards ranging from $50 to $7,000 depending on the potential of the threat. 

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One can submit their vulnerability report directly to the OnePlus Security Response Center and get the chance to get a reward of up to $7,000 ( around NPR 7 lakhs ).

Best of all, anyone can report these security bugs. All you need to do is discover the OnePlus bug and then submit an online form describing the problem. You can submit here

OnePlus bug bounty program

Looking at the official website, OnePlus says it will offer rewards according to the following levels:

  • Special cases: up to $ 7,000
  • Criticism: $ 750 – $ 1500
  • High: $ 250 – $ 750
  • Average: $ 100 – $ 250
  • Low: $ 50 – $ 100

OnePlus may be one of the greatest mobile giants in the world, however, it had security issues in the past and suffered security flaw two years back. It does not seem to have improved its security to counter attackers yet as it once again became a victim of a cyber attack. So, the company has announced a Bug Bounty Program in partnership with HackerOne.‌  

This program will be open to the general public only in late 2020. Thus, tighten your seat belt for the OnePlus App Bounty Progam. 

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