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Things To Know Before Buying Motorhead Tekken 250 in Nepal | My Own Experience

MotorHead Tekken 250, a dual-purpose bike, gained my attention when it got enough publicity on people saying it a beast for the price. And I finally got into their marketing strategy. I bought my very own Tekken 250 in mid-November, 2019. I do remember the exact date in which Tekken 250 broke my trust over the Chinese Bike Manufacturers once and for all.

In this article, I’m going to point out the most significant problems of Tekken 250 you must know before buying.

But first, let me explain what was my expectation before buying Tekken 250.

Why did I go for Tekken 250 over NS 200, Pulsar 220, Apache 200 4V, Asian Beast, and Yamaha Fz 250?

After a lot of research comparing bikes, I understood Tekken 250 is the most powerful bike at the cross over segment within my price range. Other than this, I’ve also considered the factor of looks, comfort, mileage, and long term performance. 

5 Biggest problems with MotorHead Tekken 250. 

Built Quality

When someone pays such high for a motorcycle, he/she will surely expect some high level of protective materials used. However, welcome to reality, MotorHead used some cheap quality materials that couldn’t even resist a little pressure and broke.

Things To Know Before Buying Motorhead Tekken 250 in Nepal | My Own Experience 4


I expected MotorHead would empress me with electronics. Sadly, they ripped off my mood with their lighting and instrument cluster. The instrument cluster looks like something you’d use to check your blood pressure at home, and LED strips that light up along with the side indica­tors look cheap.

Things To Know Before Buying Motorhead Tekken 250 in Nepal | My Own Experience 5

You won’t believe the headlights on this bike are so dim that you can barely see the roads at night. This makes you struggle along your night ride. Moreover, LED Strips on the left side are already broken.

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Tekken 250 is a 223cc bike that produces 16.7 BHP. If you are a person who looks for good mileage in the motorcycle, then Tekken 250 is not for you. It hardly gives 30per liter on avg when compared to Bajaj Pulsar 220F, which produces a little more power and also provides better mileage around 35klmtr per liter, where FZ 25 gives mileage above 40.


No one loves, hearing unnecessary sounds from the engine or any other part of a motorcycle. I’ve taken this issue to MotorHead service, but it did not go well. I still hear unnecessary noise from the tail due to vibration. You will notice the number plate vibrates so badly that you will end up feeling irritated.


These are some issues which you’ll face in Tekken 250, but yes, there are many good reasons to buy Tekken 250. I would still recommend buying Tekken 250 for its looks. If there is any question related to Tekken 250, you can ask in the comment section below.



  1. Are you really satisfied with this motorbike? I didn’t see many people using this bike on town how you impressed with this Chinese motorbike?

  2. I have heard engine problems starts after 6mnths from the buying date?
    Is this issue will also occurs in 20
    19 models bike??
    I am planning to buy this what would you suggest for me?

  3. i have a 2016 model without oil cooler

    used. only 1900km clocked.
    so far a month into it.
    the thing i hate most is the erratic idling and the under poweredness.
    yet i feel this is a tough bike in a way.
    i love the fact there’s no sensors and heavy electronics to worry about. and the air cooled system …one less thing to worry about.
    i also hear that the parts are interchangeable with many little bikes. Honda’s and others.
    just praying that this Bike lasts!

  4. Tekken 250 ly highway ma pani only 18-20 ko milega deko xa, personally maile face gharako xu.
    Kina vako ho yesto, kunai engine problem or something else?


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