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Government of Nepal launches online learning portal for class 1 to 10

Online learning may be the future of accessible education in Nepal. The recent lockdown has affected the education system. So, the government of Nepal has identified the problem and started the E-learning portal in Nepal.

Let us describe about the new learning portal introduced by government.

What is Online Learning Portal or E-Learning?

Although all the private instructions have claimed that E-Learning is already available for students, it was limited to their students. So, the government took a favourable step.

What is Online Learning Portal or E-Learning

The E-learning is primarily focused on the student from grade 1 to 10. However, Early Grade Reading (EGR) is also included in this programme. The Portal offers textbooks, audio and visual source of learning. One can search for the subject of their interest and started learning from their home. You can choose between languages too.

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Rather blaming the Government of Nepal for not making any attempts, everyone should praise this new idea and concept. You can learn more about the online learning portal from the link given below.



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