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MIUI 13 To Feature Ram Expansion using Virtual Memory

MIUI 13 is expected to bring one of the biggest features giving users access to Ram Expansion using Virtual Memory.

When Vivo unveiled in China the Vivo X60 series as the first OriginOS unit, several neat surprises were brought about. The first 11-powered Android smartphones were supplied with new features via the newly revised Vivo platform. The “Swap-Memory” principle is well known to PC enthusiasts. It requires a part of your internal storage to build virtual RAM and release some of your actual RAM at some times.

MIUI 13 – Ram Expansion using Virtual Memory

An investigator noticed a function called “Memory Extension” in the source code of MIUI 12. Exactly this is what Vivo does with the X60 Pro+ and a host of other smartphones. But the function is restricted to only 1GB in the case of Xiaomi. The large majority of Vivo flagships that have the feature allow an additional 3GB of RAM via virtual storage. Sadly, those excited to test the latest MIUI 12 functionality have to wait a little longer. It’s not an easy job to do this, after all.

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The latest functionality will hopefully not be exclusive to high-end Xiaomi smartphones. After all, it doesn’t make sense to have simulated RAM on an 8GB or 12GB RAM smartphone. Vivo is on this path, but we assume that additional RAM would more likely support older smartphones or new devices with a capacity of less than 4GB.

MIUI 13 To Feature Ram Expansion using Virtual Memory 1

The concept behind the Memory expansion is that multi-task capabilities can be improved. Naturally, in smartphones, all this virtual RAM phenomenon is something different. In real life, we also need to show whether the difference is real or just an advertisement strategy.

In a potential update of MIUI 12, Xiaomi might introduce this, but we’re not going to take our time for that. This is the type of feature the organization would save for the MIUI 13 launch.



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