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Clubhouse launched in Nepal and available globally | Clubhouse For Android

Late last month, Clubhouse‘s audio-focused social media platform finally introduced its Android app to US customers. Only interested customers residing outside of the United States were allowed to pre-register for the app during this announcement. Your wait is finally over now, and Clubhouse launched in Nepal and available globally.

Clubhouse Android App | Clubhouse launched in Nepal

On Android, Clubhouse is finally launched. Initially, the corporation that began its sluggish deployment has declared that it is now internationally available.

The launch of Clubhouse in Nepal is wonderful news for people hoping to test the famous audio platform on their phones. The move should also assist in developing the firm significantly since the downloads of iOS have decreased.

Several technology businesses have repeated the functioning of their platforms since Clubhouse initially acquired popularity. We have Twitter Spaces, Channel Discord Stage, Telegram Voice Chats, Reddit Talk, just to mention a few of them. If you seek an alternate way to access the Clubhouse app, check out the most delicate applications.

Download Clubhouse for Android (Play Store)

Note: In this phase, Clubhouse has implemented an invite-only system. So, drop a comment you haven’t received an invitation yet.



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