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Invaito | App That Connects Customers And Service Providers

Sometimes, solving an issue leads to a breakthrough. Just by providing the right help at the right time can create success stories. That was exactly the case for 31-year-old entrepreneur Anil Thapa when he launched his app Invaito.

With the Internet being the “hot cake” in recent years, Anil knew it was the right time to make his mark in the Nepali market. And what better platform than the internet.

So, what exactly is Invaito? And how Anil is changing the game?

About Anil Thapa and his journey

Invaito | App That Connects Customers And Service Providers 1

Passionate about starting his own business, Anil tried multiple ventures during his early start as an entrepreneur. At just  17 years of age, Anil stepped into the world of business. He started very small and gained as much knowledge and experience as possible. From running restaurants to hair salons, he tried all sorts of ventures. 

Both his educational credentials and passion for business led him into Nepal’s competitive market as a young and emerging entrepreneur. Yet, as we all know, not everything ends up as planned. 

Some of his businesses worked, some didn’t. But he never left hope. 

All his entrepreneurial ventures helped him learn a lot about the Nepali market. He learnt everything; from market trends to changing policies and even the impacts of the government on local businesses.

Out of all these things, he was fascinated by the growing popularity of the internet. After seeing the prospects of the internet, Anil stepped into the digital world through Kwaanti group. This helped him understand the structure of the internet, how it works and using it to the fullest. Having studied the market scenario of his country for a couple of years, Anil knew it was the right time to act. With his team’s support and the internet as his platform, he then launched Invaito.

About Invaito

Invaito | App That Connects Customers And Service Providers.

Finding reliable service providers was still a major issue in Nepal. Whether you plan on hiring a photographer or simply want a haircut, finding a professional was always a hassle. Sometimes, you had to ask for references, other times you had to start searching for professionals even for a small task.

But not anymore!

Now, you just need to download Invaito and forget all the struggles!

Invaito is a service-based application that helps people find professional service providers for any task at hand. In Layman terms, Invaito connects customers looking for a service to relevant service providers.

Just a mere few clicks on your smartphone is enough to book a service. Basically, acts as a bridge between customers and service providers. Invaito lets you search for reliable and professional help for a wide variety of tasks.

Yes, that’s right!

Invaito takes its users through a series of steps to book a service. First, the customers explain their task in detail. After mentioning all the job details, the customers then select their preferred location.

In a mere few seconds, the app shows a list of all the available professionals in that area. The customers can select any one from the list and get their job done!

It’s that simple!

So, whether you want to get your house painted or simply want to get your nails done, Invaito connects you to vendors in a matter of minutes. The app only shows reliable and professional service providers in that area and also gives the customers to select as per their preference.

How is Invaito different?

The first thing that strikes you about the app is its functionality. It has multiple vendor options and is far more reliable than hiring someone whom you have no information about.

And it just gets better!

The app is extremely easy to use. 

Invaito gets your job done in a mere 3 steps; plan the task, choose a professional, and get the job done. Keeping all types of people in mind, Anil has made sure the interface is as sleek and minimal as possible.

Being a service-oriented app, Invaito makes sure the user interface is as smooth as possible. That’s why Anil and his team have made the ease-of-use their top priority. 

Also, the developers have given great attention to finer details. Customers can even book a service provider based on real-time locations or even remote locations. The app lets users select from multiple vendor options.

It is also beneficial for service providers as well. When customers search for any service in the nearby area, the app also shows you as their potential service provider. This helps such businesses gain more customers.

Legality and NRB’s Notice

Aside from the internet, there is a new hot topic in the Nepali market these days. A recent notice from Nepal Rastriya Bank has raised concerns among many emerging businesses.

“What about the Nepal Rastriya Bank’s notice against payments made for advertising on the internet?” Many of you might have been waiting for the answer to this question.

The bank has officially stated that receiving or making international payments for advertisements on the internet is illegal. That also takes into account the advertising payments or social media.

So, will this notice affect your business being showcased in the Invaito app?

No, absolutely not! With Invaito, you don’t have to worry. As it is a Nepali app; it pays all the taxes to the government. You can expand your business and gain more customers using this app. And it’s completely legal!

On top of that, Invaito doesn’t take a single penny from you. It is a completely free app. and has no hidden charges. Whether you are a customer or are a service provider, you don’t need to pay anything

Also, Invaito not only connects customers to the right service providers, but it also serves another purpose. It also acts as a platform for multiple people to showcase their business. It helps new businesses gain more customers.

It’s a win-win situation for all. So, why wait?

What Anil has to say

“Growing a business is not always easy. You go through hardships, failures and unexpected outcomes. But that should never restrict one from giving their best.” Anil says. “I tried multiple businesses and even went through quite a few failures. But when you don’t lose hope in yourself, your great idea helps you come out stronger than ever.”

“Invaito has great scope as it tends to solve one of the greatest issues in the Nepali market. Most people own smartphones and use the internet. That’s why our prospects are as good as it gets.”

Final Thoughts

With a great idea and years of experience, Anil aims to make the life of Nepalese easier through Invaito. Anil has also vowed to listen to his users’ queries and review to make the app as better as possible.

Being just 31 years old, Anil Thapa has years to come ahead. He hopes to see more newcomers in the Nepali market. And with so many resources like the internet and ebooks available right now, the future of digitalization in Nepal looks very bright.




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