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Huawei FreeLace in Nepal | Price | Specification | Review

With the introduction of Huawei Mate 30 Pro in late 2019, Huawei also launched Huawei FreeLace. Huawei FreeLace is a type of Bluetooth earphones that also packs tons of exciting features.

These new earphones are expected to give a tight competition to OnePlus Bullets. In addition, Huawei FreeLace also packs some additional features. You get tons of features for just a price of NPR 9,900. So, without wasting any time, let us share our experience with the new FreeLace.

Huawei FreeLace Specification

  • Battery: 120 mAh
  • Weight: 27 g
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Colour: Graphite Black, Emerald Green & Amber Sunrise
  • Material: Memory Cable + Metal Cavity + Liquid Silicon

Build Quality & Design

Huawei FreeLace comes with a collar design for a reason to make is comfortable. More importantly, it is build using nickel-titanium alloy and liquid silicon. We need to mention about the magnetic clasp in each ear which helps keep the earbuds together too.

Huawei FreeLace in Nepal | Price | Specification | Review 1

IPX5-rated Resistant

The earphone is IPX5-rated water-resistant. Feel free to carry your next sports companion where ever you like. Huawei ensures you to provide all-around protection for you to carry your FreeLace.

Huawei FreeLace in Nepal | Price | Specification | Review 2

HiPair Technology

HiPair is a completely new and innovative technology. You can use the integrated Type C earphone connector to join the Type C mobile phone interface, loving the new experience in just one step and completing the BT pairing and earphone charging.

Talking simply, Huawei provides you with the ability to charge your earphones using your smartphone. With its Type C connector, it is sure that you won’t run out of juice.


Huawei FreeLace in Nepal | Price | Specification | Review 3

Huawei FreeLace is integrated with 120 mAh battery. It adopts 3C high-performance which uses tiny little lithium battery. You can charge your FreeLace for 5 minutes and enjoy music for up to 4 hours. More importantly, full power can listen to songs for 18 hours in a row.

In our day-to-day use, we found out that Huawei FreeLace is capable of handling any type of aggressive us. All thanks to its great battery and efficient battery consumption.

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Sound Quality

Huawei FreeLace would not disappoint you with the sound quality. The FreeLace delivers excellent sound quality. It is equipped with a 9.2 mm dynamic driver unit that enlarges the sound field. Now you do not have to worry about noisy sounds because Huawei Freelace packs some outstanding noise cancellation. In our review, Hearing classic jazz was well illustrated in the sax and the piano sections, and the tonal balance was more than strong enough.

Huawei FreeLace in Nepal | Price | Specification | Review 4

Availability and Price

Huawei has officially launched FreeLace in Nepal. You can get your FreeLace from any official Huawei Store near to your location. Talking about the price, it was launched at the price of NPR. 9,900. So, don’t waste your time and grab your FreeLace.

Should I buy the Huawei FreeLace in Nepal?

Huawei FreeLace offers fairly good audio quality, a nice pairing mechanism and a couple of nice features, such as charging them easily from your phone. The Huawei FreeLace are reasonably good wireless headphones, offering an affordable price.

In conclusion, if you ask us you should give it a try. Those appealing features may blow your mind and could make you a Huawei Fanboy too.



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