HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

Dongguan, 10 September 2020 – At Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Together) today, Huawei shared updates on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Ecosystem. Delivering his keynote speech titled “Together, Let’s Play with HMS”, Zhang Ping’ an President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group, highlighted its 2020 achievements, announced that there are 1.8 million developers registered with HMS, doubling that of HDC.2019. So let’s reveal everything about HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future.

“HMS ecosystem is now the third-largest in the world, and the HMS core achieved a tremendous improvement. Together with the many Huawei teams, we made the impossible possible within a year,” said Zhang.

HMS: The World’s Third Largest Ecosystem

96,000 applications worldwide have been incorporated with HMS Core by September 2020. Software applications such as HUAWEI, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Themes, HUAWEI Reader, and HUAWEI GameCenter are the target in many countries and regions continue to launch HMS Apps worldwide.

HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

AppGallery currently has 73,000 local applications and 700 million users across the globe, up from 6,000 last year. Local products and utilities strive every day – according to the “National + Local” approach of AppGallery-to offers a full-scale interface for users. From January to August 2020, applications in AppGallery, the top 3 app store, have been distributed for 261 billion times.

HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

“The cumulative revenue of HMS mobile phones has been rising steadily since May this year. Entrepreneurs, partners, and in particular global customers enjoy good support. This is why we welcome more developers and collaborators to be involved in helping more customers, bringing the ideas to life with our truly open potential. “said Zhang.

HMS Presents Flexible Five Basic Service Engines

Including search, maps, billing, browsers, and advertising, Huawei launched five important service engines for global developers.

HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

Over 180 million POI information units have been obtained in the HMS map engine and 11 functions have been opened up, including route planning, 3D drag-and-drop architecture, full-scene computation, and detailed AR walking navigation. More than two thousand local applications have now been incorporated with the HMS map engine.

HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

With a global and personalized mobile payment platform, the HMS payment engine provides developers with the potential to achieve market growth. The number of IAP incorporated local applications has risen by 619 percent since HDC 2019.

The smart, reliable, high-quality web browsing services, as well as fast app delivery support, are supported by Huawei API.

In order to achieve more market growth, HUAWEI Advertising offers effective traffic monetization services for users. It offers powerful traffic monetization facilities to multinational developers. Digital developers boost their market growth with over 3,100 mobile applications linked to HUAWEI Ads.

HMS Core 5.0: Let Every Innovation Come to Life

HMS Core 5.0 is officially announced to commercial use globally at HDC.2020, covering open capabilities in seven main areas including App Services, Graphics, Media, AI, Smart Device, Security, and Systems.

HMS Ecosystem Breaks New Ground to Enable Global Developers to Create A Digital Future

For graphics, Computer Graphics (CG) offers flexible resources based on GPU technologies to assist developers of game models with a high-performance rendering system and a variety of plugins to increase the quality of game screen rendering. With incorporation into the HMS Core computer graphics package, the game program has accomplished a near to 11 percent growth in both average frame rate and a decline in average power use.

ML Package offers a range of text, voice, pictures and face and body detection resources for AI developers to quickly and securely create AI applications. This functionality is currently available in six different languages: French, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and German. ML Package optimized apps can comfortably cover any platform and system.

Officially, Huawei has released its VR audio-visual platform to provide developers with a complete technological infrastructure that provides customers a creative and disruptive audio-visual experience.

The Image Kit also allows for the HUAWEI themes to be produced easily, includes animation effects and a ready-made prototype. Thousands of lines of code were required previously to achieve the effect, after integrated, only two or three lines of code are required, and easier to set simple parameters to achieve more brilliant creative effects.

With AppGallery Connect, which contains 68 services-an expansion of 27 as from HDC 2019-Huawei delivers a one-stop, highly effective operating service to global emerging companies. The number of AGC applications has risen by 90%.

Six Area Centres, 7 DigiX laboratories, and local engineering specialists and operational personnel have been set up for Huawei Mobile Networks to deliver services to local developers and partners. Huawei encourages entrepreneurs in all regions to evolve and provides complete support to bring local technologies to the world stage so that HMS ecosystems can thrive simultaneously.

“Stars brighten the future. In the past year, we grew to the world’s third-largest ecosystem. We will continue to work with our developer stars from around the world to let the fire of innovation shine,” Zhang added.

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