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So, How was WordCamp Butwal 2020? – Honest Opinion

One of the main aims of WordCamp Butwal 2020 was to make a connection between newcomers to the WordPress Community. We can’t deny the fact that WordCamp Butwal was awesome. So, being out of all the hype, we will talk about the honest opinion from an attendee.

How was the location?

We really admire the organizers for selecting Durbar Lawn as their Venue. I fell in love with the location which they selected. Durbar Lawn has much to offer from a pleasant environment, cooperative staff, and tasty food. Durbar Lawn was also the right choice in a sense; it is very near to the center of the city and airport. We need to mention the fact that the Venue is very near to Indian Border, this makes Indian Speaker enter and make an exit easily.

How was time management?

Attendees were impressed with how they managed such a tight schedule with sessions from over 19 speakers. The program was on schedule. Frankly, we could hear many attendees saying,” How are they managing such a tight schedule.”

Are you satisfied with the International Speakers and Sessions?

What more could you expect from WordCamp Butwal 2020? Organizers made it easy for all attendees to choose the sessions of their choice. One could switch between halls. Speakers from many different countries came for WordCamp Butwal. Tetsuya Yoshida all the way from Japan expressed his knowledge on the Daily Maintenance of WordPress. Moreover, three speakers from our neighboring nation, India, gave wonderful sessions.

So, How was WordCamp Butwal 2020? - Honest Opinion 1

Rahul D Sarker, WordPress Developer & Digital Marketing from Kolkata, shared his brief knowledge on the topic of How to improve the lifetime value of a Customer? Also, another expert Subhasis Chatterjee, Web Journalist, Content Architect, Content Analyst from Kolkata, told us the way of using WordPress for Blogging. No one expected three speakers from India but with a big surprise was a Mr. Purnendu Dash also joined the speakers pack. Mr. Purnendu Dash an open-source developer by passion who in WordCamp Butwal 2020 shared his experience with 10 years of relationship with WordPress.

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What about the national speakers?

The national speakers were so good. We could relate to everything they explained. They shared with us about their experience in getting into the WordPress Community. Surendra Shrestha is the Founder & CEO of Rigorous Web who presented some words on giving back to the community. Roshan Bhattarai presented ways to identify the right business for everyone.

Moreover, here was our one and only lady speaker, Shrijana Thapa KC who is a Software Engineer and works as a developer at Nucleus. Miss Shrijana showed some light on the importance of public speaking in order to boost one’s career. In addition, there were more than 12 speakers with their respective sessions.

How was the panel discussion?

Frankly saying, for many of the attendees’ panel discussion was something very new. Madhav Dhungana, Regan Khadgi, Shiva Shankar Bhatta and Utsav Singh Rathour were the four panelists.

So, How was WordCamp Butwal 2020? - Honest Opinion 4

According to their short intro, we came to know that Madhav Dhungana is the Lead of WordCamp Butwal 2020 and also CEO/Founder of Eagle Eye International Technology operating from Nepal and New Zealand. Regan Khadgi was the second panelist with a charming smile on his face, professionally he is a plugin developer and former Senior Lead WordPress Plugin Developer at AccessPress Themes. The third panelist was a man with straight opinions and clear views, Shiva Shanker Bhatt, who is the Founder/CEO at AF themes. The fourth and the last panelist was Utsav Singh Rathour who really played a significant role. He is the CEO of Code Pixelz and during the discussion acted as a bridge between panelists and attendees.

They tried clearing confusion in attendees’ mind and helped us to know more about WordPress and its great community.

Let’s Conclude this

To wrap up, all in all, WordCamp Butwal 2020 was a great hit. It was challenging to organize the first-ever international conference in Butwal. However, we salute the organizers for their hard work for making the conference so successful. We expect WordCamp Butwal 2021 will be more fun and we wish the WordPress Community may get stronger and larger.

So, How was WordCamp Butwal 2020? - Honest Opinion 5


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