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eSewa Payment Now Available on Daraz | Daraz Accepts eSewa Payment

eSewa Payment Now Available on Daraz: Daraz is one of the most trusted E-commerce marketplaces in Nepal. Although, Daraz claims to provide the best service among the competitors it never had any online wallet payment system expect credit and debit cards. So, in order to resolve this Nepal’s E-commerce giant, Daraz partners with the trusted online wallet system, eSewa to make the online payment easier and simpler.

Read the full article to know more about eSewa Payment Now Available on Daraz and learn to use eSewa in Daraz to make payment.

What are the benefits of using eSewa for Daraz online payment?

Mobile Wallet Applications like eSewa and Khalti are quickly gaining traction due to its fast, secure, and convenient payment methods.

You are able to add or store money on your wallet simply by linking your bank account. Similarly, a person may also transfer money by inserting a phone number, e-mail address, special ID or scanning the QR code to his mates, family members or other users.

In addition, a customer can also pay for retailers and take account of a broad range of charges for utilities such as a water bill, power bill, telephone charging etc.

1. Helps to reduced costs and business risks

Cashless transfers remove several transaction threats at a time, including workers’ cash theft, fake cash, and currency robbery. It also reduces security costs and withdraws costs too.

2. Increase in Transaction speed

The method of making cash transfers requires time with both consumers and the dealer or employee. This is why many companies like Daraz prefer to choose to cashless payment to enhance transactions speed and efficiency.

eSewa enables faster transactions that results in better customer satisfaction , higher sales, and less mistakes.

3. Improved economic data collection

Government and other departments expend a great deal on daily polling and surveys in order to collect knowledge regarding residents’ real-life purchases. Such details allow them to devise specific policies. The process is however expensive , time-consuming and less efficient.

Hence, Mobile Wallets like eSewa can helps in efficient data collection for Government and agencies.

4. An effective means of combating corruption

If all the individuals were connected to each other by means of a cashless payment infrastructure, then the flow of money would be entirely transparent.

All linked digitally to the cashless world will see precisely where money goes and how it was invested, irrespective whether it is an expenditure or an foreign help. Any amount of money outside the framework can easily be detected and examined.

Learn to use eSewa in Daraz to make payment

The process use eSewa in Daraz to make payment is as easy as cutting a cake. Here are the easiest steps to make Daraz Online Payment using Esewa:

  • Select the item you wish to purchase.
  • Select the Buy Now Option.
  • Click on Proceed to Pay.
  • Select eSewa Mobile Wallet.

After you select eSewa Mobile Wallet as your payment method.

  • Read the Guideliness carefully and enter Pay Now.
  • Enter your eSewa and Password.
  • You will be redirected to a page that links eSewa to Daraz.
  • If you time read all the Terms and Condition and then click on accept all the terms and conditions.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to you.


It seems to be many years away from a completely cashless society. But a big step taken by E-commerce like Daraz could shorten this time as well. We could see faster, more transparent and secure cashless payments than ever with the introduction of cutting-edge technology and the steady improvement of existing technologies like eSewa.

In addition, during this time of Covid-19 pandemic, it’s always a good choice to eschew cash payment. For online shopping like Daraz, delivery boys and the customer can avoid direct contact which will ultimately decrease the risk of spread of the virus.

Can I return my Daraz Order paid by eSewa?

Yes! For payments completed with the eSewa, eSewa facilitates fast refund processing. When you have an issue with products offered and received by a third-party vendor on Daraz, you may request for refund.

Does Daraz accept eSewa?

Yes, Daraz and eSewa are working together to enable a better payment service.

Can I pay using Khalti or other Mobile wallets?

No, for now payment from only eSewa is available. However, Daraz hasn’t enabled other Mobile Wallet Payment.

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