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Covid-19 App | A Nepali App That Provides Brief Knowledge of Coronavirus

Here is Covid-19 App by a Nepali Developer.

Covid-19 or better known as Coronavirus disease is a type of infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. This disease was started in China but no one ever thought that this disease could be declared as a global threat to the human race.

The illness causes respiratory disease (such as flu), with symptoms including endurance, fever, and difficulty respiration in more extreme cases. By washing your hands regularly, you can protect yourself, avoid touching your face and avoid close contact.

About Surya Khanal and his Journey

About Suraj Khanal and Covid-19 App

Surya Khanal is one of the youngest developers from Nepal who also has a company known as Karma Softstudio. He is greatly known for his creative design and coding skills. All in all, he has done mastery both in front and back end. He is also a good spirit who believes in public serving.

Surya is against the spread of false news. Everyone there has been a big problem with the spread of wrong information about Covid-19. So, to minimize this and aware of all the general public, Surya Khanal has developed an app. Surya, Developer of Covid-19 mobile app, has assured us that his app will update the general public about all the symptoms, precautions and almost every information about Coronavirus.

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About Covid-19 App

Covid-19 is all in one app for all Covid-19 disease-related questions. This app was developed with an aim to aware of all the general people.

The app is very easy to use. Covid-19 is mainly focused on the Nepali user.

This App mainly focuses on user comfort and flexibility. The app is smooth and has easy user-interface. We admire Surya and his team for creating this masterpiece. The developers have worked in finer detail.

Covid-19 App gets your job done. You will get updated with information about the following facts:

  • Latest Number of infected, tested, death and recovered people.
  • Measures to Protect yourself from Covid-19
  • Latest News about Covid-19 disease.
  • Facts that will bust all the myths. (upcoming)
  • Information in the Nepali Language.

How is Covid-19 App Different?

The app offers flexibility and functionality. And it does get better with an easy user environment. It provides you detailed information from WHO and statistics from Wikipedia. At this time we might be thinking, it’s that all. However, The main feature is its the Nepali Language interface. This might be the game-changer because all the citizens in Nepal are known much exposed to the English Language.

What Surya has to say

“Your work reflects your creativity and knowledge.” Surya says” I love my nation and want Nepali citizens to have a Nepali App which can give information based on their mother tongue. Hence, I created Covid-19.”

Final Thoughts

Surya is a creative guy with a vision to make Nepali citizen’s life easier. So, you can give a try to this app. Surya has promised to provide official information and not give users any chance of complaints.

Being only 24 years old, Surya has many opportunities in the future. He encourages young developers and children to make the Nepali language-based apps.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or information you would like yo include. Feel free to share it with us.



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