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The Most disgusting things about Daraz 11.11 Sale

Daraz 11.11 Sale Day

And this year, Nepali e-commerce online shopping company Daraz has also brought Alibaba’s 11.11 Biggest Sale day. And today Daraz said, they are providing up to 80% discount on their listed products. The products may be related to electronics, wears, Make-Up items, Furniture and many more. And Daraz giving Rs 5000 discounts on buying Oneplus 6T and Pocopone F1.

History about 11.11 Sale

Alibaba’s Single’s Day is a massive, 24-hour sale that the Chinese e-commerce giant holds on November 11 (11.11) every year.

Origins of the “holiday” date back to the 90s, as a sort of Anti-Valentine’s day for Chinese Singletons. Alibaba first capitalized on it in 2009, to boost revenue during the usually quiet sales period.
Now Single’s Day is the world’s largest online shopping day which selling more than Black Friday and Cyber Money, Combined.

82% of Alibaba’s Gross Merchandise Volume came from mobile transactions on Single’s Day last year, reaching a total of $14.6 billion. While Black Friday’s mobile revenue jumped 33% ON Year in 2016 to $1.2 billion.
Only 27 merchants participated in the first Singles’s Day Sale. This year, more than 140,000 brands offering discounts.

Source : Forbes

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The Most disgusting things about Daraz’s 11.11 Sale

Pradip Adhikari, CEO/Founder of Tech Sanjal recently posted the post on Facebook, comparing the prices of the same watch of Normal day and 11.11 Sale day.

The Most Disgusting Things About Daraz 11.11 Sale Day
Image : Pradip Shrestha

As we can see on the image, the price of the watch on 11.11 Sale Day is almost 41% more than in Normal day even after including 18% discounts on it.

Not only this but Senior Graphics Designer of Spark Tech, Suraj Shrestha also compared the market price of the Camera lens with the price on Daraz’s 11.11 Sale Day. According to him, the price of the lens is almost 90% more expensive than the market rate price.

The Most disgusting things about Daraz 11.11 Sale 1
Image : Suraj Shrestha

Online shopping allows consumers to buy the goods and services from the seller directly through the websites or mobile apps. It’s very easy to buy online than buying in the local market. We don’t need to bargain and the price listed on the website includes the discounts and many offers mostly on Festivals. Nepal is growing and developing the country and it’s good to hear about the development of Online Shopping in Nepal.

But it really disappoints the way Daraz did on it’s 11.11 Sale Day. Our message to all the people is not to buy any of the products without knowing it’s market prices. Don’t get betrayed by just seeing the discount prices.




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