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Reasons to Ban TikTok in Nepal | Is this a Feasible and Logical Solution?

After the recent ban on 59 Chinese apps including TikTok in India and USA planning to ban TikTok, there are many people that are supporting the ban and yet other people who are against the ban. We are not representing either of them however here to present some Reasons to Ban TikTok in Nepal.

So, if you are really looking forward to favoring TikTok, here’s a warning. Your eyes will surely bleed after seeing some logical Reasons to Ban TikTok in Nepal.

Major Reasons to Ban Tiktok in Nepal

Major Reasons to Ban Tiktok in Nepal

Security Issue

You can argue that there is no security issue with TikTok in Nepal. Nevertheless, India has proven that TikTok was one of the apps that were found to have security threats for nation and users.

For the normal users like you and me, this apps seems to be simple as at the frontend there is only the sharing of videos going on. In contrast, things are not so simple. We live in a world where personal data are sold in the internet so you can imagine stealing data from a mass scale of the user and its consequences.

Reasons To Ban TikTok In Nepal Security Issue

Here is the biggest proof for every TikTok stars reading this article, almost two months ago, a user from Reddit named bangorlol conducted reverse engineering on the app and proved that TikTok has been stealing all the information related to Hardware information, Network details, details of every application installed or uninstalled and also claimed to set a local proxy server for media transcoding.

Do you still think TikTok is safe? If you are one of those people who still think TikTok is safe then let us reveal a fact. TikTok is repeatedly suspected to have access to your remote code. If you don’t have an idea, remote code is too much important for your security. In case TikTok has access to remote code, your phone may be programmed to be used as a bot in a proper cyber attack.

Recently, IOS 14 users also reported that TikTok had access to their clipboard data. So, think about the things you copy on your keyboard that may be OTP, links, or passwords.


From eating chilies to just sneezing, everything on TikTok gets viral. We installed TikTok to see those toxic content and really saw some users who are repeatedly speaking vulgar and getting famous. We bet there are people who are good but out of 30 videos we watched almost half of them were the same videos with a different character and other being vulgar.

While there are some creators who tend to give their best to make original and new content, there are more than half of the TikTok who just take out their phone and copy.

TikTok was almost banned in India for the spread of sexual and pornographic content in late 2019, however, the company ultimately found out the way to revert the ban. You can’t imagine how much worse are the content in TikTok which includes a cat been killed for just a video to an abusive duet done by two guys to look it as a rape.

Terms and Policies

There is unwanted or so-called “cringe” content on TikTok but the worst part is they never get removed. If you are from Nepal, you might end up scrolling through an abusive creator speaking Nepali curse words and tried reporting. However, TikTok never removes it.

You need to accept that children are also on TikTok. Although TikTok has a minimum age requirement of 13, it is still not an apt age. There are many videos on TikTok that do have use of vulgar local words that TikTok would never understand. So, if we don’t have an official server for Nepali it’s better to Ban Tiktok in Nepal.

Addictive and Passive

In the world where people compare social networking sites with drugs, We would like to compare it with Casino Slot Machine. TikTok is identical to Casino Slot Machine, where you take risk where the situations are to end up getting a good content or a content that shuts your moods down.

Favoritism to China

You need to remember that, TikTok was made in China. This means the app is influenced by the Chinese Government. We consider the Chinese Government to be a dictator which cannot resist any criticism of its nation or Government.

Reasons To Ban TikTok In Nepal Favoritism to China

If you still think we are wrong, you can open your TikTok account and post a video explaining bad things about China, we can gamble on this if your video doesn’t get removed. After you do that, now try criticizing some other nation. This time the result would be totally different.

We do use Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube where these apps show no sign of Favoritism. Hence, this is also one of the reasons for Ban Tiktok in Nepal.


We belong to a developing nation where cybersecurity seems to be weaker than our neighboring nations. We accept that the act to Ban Tiktok in Nepal won’t favor many new and emerging stars whose life got changed with this app. However, I believe that talent and hardworking people will ultimately find their way.

India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malasia already banned TikTok in their nation whereas the US & Hong Kong are thinking to ban it in a few weeks. So, “Ban Tiktok in Nepal” should be prioritized by the Department Of Information Technology Nepal, and youth should support this campaign.

Moreover, Nepali Developers should work to make a similar app like TikTok in Nepal with some unique feature and should eliminate all those security and other flaws.

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