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Who will be the next Indian Distributor of PUBG Mobile?

After the ban on PUBG Mobile in India with 117 other apps, The South Korean Game Company, has decided to detach ties with China’s Tencent. Moreover, The company also began to seek a distribution partner in India, as per the latest report.

PUBG Mobile Searching for Indian Partner

A new licensing agreement with an Indian game company is said to be being negotiated by the developer. Then the right to operate PUBG Mobile in India will be transferred to a domestic company to rehabilitate public fears about security and privacy.

PUBG Mobile Searching for Indian Partner After Detaching Ties with Tencent

Now the Korean developer has taken over the publishing rights of the game and requires only an Indian partner to handle distribution. PUBG Mobile already complies with the public policy directive on the storage of domestic personal user data. That being said, it is not currently known if an Indian company will pick PUBG Mobile up the ban

The government has now asked the PUBG helpful Developer to answer more than 70 queries, as we saw in the previous app ban, which saw popular applications like TikTok removed from app stores. The company has three weeks to answer the concerns of the government.

Can Jio be India’s New PUBG Mobile Distributer?

Now, who really are you going to take responsibility for PUBG Mobile distribution in India? Reliance Jio is interested in obtaining the game’s authorization in the country, says the rumor. There is no confirmation currently for the same and industry managers believe that not a lot of technology giants are able to operate a PUBG-scale game in India.

Over 40 million active monthly users have come from PUBG Mobile, making India one of the most lucrative royal game markets. The game was recently updated to include not only the much-anticipated new Erangel Map, and also graphics and additional user interface enhancements.

This is all we have to say about PUBG Mobile Searching for Indian Partner After Detaching Ties with Tencent. Find time leave suggestions in the given comment box.



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