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5 Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play

This article includes a list of 5 Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play right now.

Following Fall Guy’s insane success, a different game became the talk of the city. Yes, we are talking about Among Us, who overtook Fall Guys and became the most popular game in the last quarter.

Best Games Like Among Us

Here we compiled the 5 Best Games Like Among Us with a similar social deduction theme. So let’s move forward and find the best alternatives among us without delay.


Deceit is also an online game that has a gameplay for first-person shooters, but there is no local gaming alternative unlike Among Us.

Here, alongside five other random players, you wake up in a dingy asylum. Of all the teams, two are infected with a dangerous virus and are on the lookout to sabotage innocent players and kill them.


  • The right game for trust and deceit
  • A limit of six players in a squad
  • Action-packed and quick


  • PC-limited

Download From Steam (Free) looks muck identical to Among Us. is a game based on a web browser; due to this, this game can be easily played on both desktops and smartphones. An android app was just released, but sad news for the IOS because it hasn’t been released in Apple Store until now.

5 Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play 1

As I played the game for some hours, I can clarify an unbiased Gameplay Experience. Besides some minor graphical changes, is almost identical to Among Us. Similar to Among Us, revolves around the concept of Betrayer. Here, one has to play in a team and find out the culprit (Betrayer). You can also get the chance to become a Betrayer and cheat your team members.


  • Web based game.
  • Freely Available
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Party room feature


  • Full of bugs and errors

Download for PC (Free)

Download for Android (Free)

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is one of the few games available on the Xbox console like Among Us. Several players requested XBOX and PS4 ports, but developers have stopped these titles on game consoles. That said, Secret Neighbor will not disappoint you if you want to play a game that is very close to Among us on Xbox.

When players start to vanish, and then confusion between the teammates ensues, the game gets exciting. Then begins the search in the party to locate the traitor. I would say that Secret Neighbor has gathered a massive audience for his remarkable play, and if you like to play manipulation games like Among Us, you will love this.


  • Best Xbox social deduction game
  • A wonderful story
  • Good quality graphics

Download for Android (Free)

Project Winter

Project Winter is yet another trustworthy and surviving game like Among Us. Like Among Us, you have to collect money, repair systems, and execute a range of tasks to boost the strength here.

But consider the traitors have infiltrated the party and can win your confidence in sabotage. Traitors are willing to spread lies against the teammates and oppose each other’s survivors. Project Winter seems to be a reliable solution to Among Us in terms of the subject matter.


  • Defend the traitor, survive and discover it
  • Talk with support for proximity
  • Multiplayer game for eight people
  • Outstanding graphics


  • The base of players is relatively lower than Among Us

Download Steam ($19.99

Town of Salem

One of the better alternatives to Among Us is the Town of Salem on Apple, iOS, macOS, and Windows. And over 8 million users of the player base, the game is now one of the oldest social deduction strategy titles. While Among Us allows you to play a multiplayer game with 4 to 10 persons, the Town of Salem provides a limit of 15 players, making the game much more thrilling.

Among Us does not have a lengthy list of characters and arbitrarily allocated roles, while the Town of Salem allows you to select from 33 different names for your favorite position. You really love the game of loyalty and betrayal when the game is far broader in its imagination and scale. You can be a part of the Town (good guy), Mob, Serial Murderer, Arsonist or Neutral, just as Among Us.


  • Choose your position
  • Over thirty-three characters
  • Trust and betrayal
  • Wide community


  • Moderation in-game could be more comfortable

Download Web, Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases), Steam ($4.99)

Sum Up

So these are our options for the Best Games Like Among Us. It’s clear that social deduction as a genre is very recent as we went through the chart, and not many games have been built on this theme.

That being said, after the success of Among Us, things seem to be improving now. We hope we’ll see more survivor-traitor game modes for various platforms, including consoles, in the coming days. Anyway, all of that is from us.

If you have found the list useful, please comment below to let us know.




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