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Learn more about Hyperion XP-1, a Hydrogen-Powered Supercar

Strange but true a supercar manufacturer from California has made totally new Hydrogen-Powered Supercar called Hyperion XP-1. This car uses only uses one tank of compressed hydrogen to drive a thousand miles.

Hyperion XP-1, a Hydrogen-Powered Supercar

According to the company, the Hyperion XP-1 has the power to go from 0-60 mph in just three-four seconds. Unlike Tesla, Hyperion XP-1 is not equipped with heavy-duty batteries but uses compressed Hydrogen Gas as an energy source.

Hydrogen cell battery vehicles produce energy for the vehicle by burning of hydrogen fuel. The XP-1 will not burn the hydrogen however the compressed hydrogen is used in its fuel cells to combine it with air oxygen, to induce a reaction. This reaction creates the power required for the car and releases water as a by-product. Ironically, this car emits water instead of smoke!

The explanation that the XP-1 that achieve a distance of 1000 miles with a single hydrogen tank, says Angelo Kafantaris, CEO of Hyperion. Hydrogen, being one of the lightest gases in the daily table, greatly reduces the weight of the car, helping it to pump off more miles per liter.

Hyperion hopes to make cars with hydrogen fuel more publicly available on the market with this model. While there are few challenges such as the lack of hydrogen as an autonomous factor and the usage of which must be made, companies including Honda , Toyota and General Motors have been designing hydrogen-powered model vehicles. Competitor Tesla, Nikola intends to carry semi-trucks powered by hydrogen in the immediate future.

Check Out Hyperion XP-1 on their official website.

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