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Learn How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works

YouTube has worked for the last couple of months to bring several additional updates to the service. We saw the enterprise introducing pop-up messages for hate comments and a clever AI response feature. Now the company had added YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Feature.

YouTube Studio never had a dashboard for a real-time subscriber. For a second-by-second updating of the subscriber count, one focused on third-party sites like Social Blade. Even with that, the actual outcome may vary slightly from the official count.

Now, in the YouTube Studio dashboard on their laptop, creators can sit and watch their subscriber count in real-time.

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How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works

  • Open Youtube.com.
  • Now Click on Profile PIcture on the right-side corner.
Learn How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works 1
  • You will see the “Youtube Studio” option. Select that option.
  • Click on the “Go to Channel Analytics” button.
Learn How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works 2
  • On the right, you can now see the “See Live Count” button. Click on it.
Learn How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works 3
  • A full-screen pop-up window with your profile picture at the top, a live subscriber count in the centre, and a graph at the bottom will appear.
How YouTube Real-Time Subscriber Count Works

A popular YouTube viewer count map appears, with a time window extending from the previous seven days to when you first launched your channel.

However, the number is refreshed as much as we do not remember. Other platforms give an “estimated” figure, but the subscriber could be accurate and official in this situation.  We can’t say that the real-time YouTube subscription count is live on all platforms, small or large, but this option is now only available on the Creative Studio desktop edition. It is not available in the smartphone application of YouTube Studio yet.

So you can now rely on the official YouTube subscription account in real-time, rather than third-party platforms, if you are a creator approaching a significant target.

What is a good subscriber to view ratio for YouTube?

It depends primarily on the niche in which you are. You usually like to see 10% (1/10), on average, or more, of the subscribers for entertainment outlets.
But it may be impossible to see users subscribing to you watch a new video with “how-to” and content in the educational format because audiences are often looking for it. Thus, more like 5 percent (1/20) is more practical for a channel like this.

Should I hide or show my subscriber count on YouTube as a beginner?

As a beginner, We would suggest you hide the subscriber because it really helps you to stay motivated to upload unique content without worrying about the sub count.
Moreover, when you hit the mark of 1000 subscribers, remember to show your subscribers count because someone sponsoring promotions or an associate connection would like to see where their money is headed in a certain direction.

How do I hide/disable the subscribers count on my YouTube channel?

To hide/disable the subscribers count on your YouTube channel:

1. Navigate to Youtube Studio.
2. Then there are settings on the left side of the screen, at the bottom.
3. Click the button.
4. After pressing, press on “Channel.”
5. Select Advanced Settings.
6. Finally, Mark the option with “Display the number of people subscribed to the channel.”
7. Save the changes.

How do I increase views on youtube?

In order to increase views on Youtube, you must Rank YouTube Videos at the top.

When you upload a new video to YouTube, it is given the “New” tag. This lasts for the first week after printing.
Google increases the video’s ranking for the first week in order to attract initial traffic. YouTube gathers data from the first week of consumer interaction to figure out what the video is about, how users respond to it, and how important it is.



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