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Why Cloud Archiving is the #No 1 Best Decision Ever?

So, why is the cloud archiving is the best decision ever?

Everyday SMBs and SMEs generate a huge amount of data and their storage requirements are ever-increasing. What would happen in a world without cloud storage?

The rate at which the data is organizations are producing data is bound to create a lot of problems for the critical business operations.

Here are a few problems that might put critical business operations in danger:

  • Data exceeding the on-premises storage capacity
  • Low storage for critical business operations
  • Consequent data loss
  • Consequent financial loss
  • No fail-safe protocol
  • Non-compliance with data and security standards

90% percent of small businesses fail after a major disaster if they are not able to resume operations within 5 days.

Risking business integrity can never be the best decision in any case and for any scale of business. Thus backup and disaster recovery are essential for businesses to be safe from Disasters.

The Best Decision Ever?

Shift Archival data load on to the cloud. Cloud archiving is a good return on investment for businesses of all scale if a disaster were to befall.

Here is why an archive cloud suits all kinds of businesses:

Cold data shifted to cloud

Cloud archiving makes it easier for companies to handle infrequently accessed data. This leaves more storage on-premises for critical business operations.

Good ROI

Return on security investment can be calculated by the Quantitative Risk Assessment Formula. A good homework before investment can be fruitful. In over 80% of the cases, the ROSI comes out to be positive.

Compliance with data and security standards

Having a cloud archiving solution in most cases is beneficial for fulfilling compliance requirements. It also gives an edge over non-compliant competitors.

Automated backup

Integrating automation increases backup efficiency to many folds.

Scale-Out according to data requirements

Companies grow rapidly nowadays and it is important to have a scale-out option. A lot of cloud archiving solutions offer that. It makes it easier for companies to scale out according to their needs.

Have a high availability of data

To ensure seamless business continuity companies are readily investing in cloud archiving solutions available to them from a lot of different vendors. The companies can invest according to their needs as tailor-made solutions are also present. It provides remote-access of the data and ensures high-availability.

There is no need to hire personnel to carry out the laborious tasks the cloud archiving solutions cover all the necessary steps from ensuring data privacy to maintaining chain-of-custody.

End-to-end encryption is also applied which ensures a safe and secure transfer. Some cloud archiving solutions provide data-aware archiving in order to avoid sensitive data exposure and allow better storage on the basis of available tiers.

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With a cloud archive, you can rest assured that the data is set for long term storage and also highly available. If the business is growing the data would naturally increase and so would the storage requirements in such cases the cloud archiving solutions provide a scale-out option whereby the storage capacity can be increased as per new requirements.


Businesses can function well with all the right financial and managerial decisions. The best decisions in terms of data storage are to have data redundancy. This can be achieved by not only creating a cloud backup for hot and mission-critical data but also implementing cloud archival solutions for cold and infrequently accessed data.

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