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5 best WordPress SEO plugin to boost your site

Best WordPress SEO plugin for your Blog

After installing the WordPress blog, it is the main challenge for all bloggers getting the visitors to their site. It is so tough as their site is very newbie to the search engine. You may think that what you should do at this stage. At this point you need to optimize your site with search engine by some SEO techniques. In this case, wordpress seo plugin can asist you to increase your site traffic easily. Within this list I have integrated several free wordpress SEO plugins and also few premium plugins. Since you may expect, several of the premium plugins possess large benefits more than the free ones. As an example, EasyWPSEO is much better for keyword optimization compared to the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

I will also provide link to my past review of specific best wordpress seo plugin, therefore you can know much more regarding them and also decide which wp SEO plugins are ideal for your website. If you believe you will find any kind of best wordpress seo plugin absent in our list, allow us to know and we will be pleased to review them and also quite possibly include them to our list.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the finest free wordpress SEO plugin. If you leaned How to install wordpress plugins, then add this plugin to your site without any hesitation. This particular wp plugin handles of many factors of your WordPress blog’s SEO. Using this best wordpress seo plugin, you can do many things for your site, such as :

  • Add meta tag for homepage
  • Add meta tag for single post
  • Social SEO features
  • Generate sitemap file
  • Submitting Sitemap to search engine
  • Edit robots.txt & .htaccess
  • Mange indexing of your blog

If you are running the ALLIn One SEO plugin, it’s time to forget it and also migrate to the best wordpress seo plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. This best wordpress seo plugin combines functions from some of the famous plugins such as Robots meta as well as RSS footer. I have published the detailed tutorial that present you how to set-up the Yoast wordpress seo plugin. You can get this wordpress plugin at no cost from WordPress Plugin directory.

2. Broken link checker

Broken link checker plugin is a very helpful wordpress plugin for discovering the all internal as well as external broken links (404 links). 404 links are absolutely nothing but a useless thing for search engine spiders. Search engine highly recommend to remove this kind of links. This wp plugin may have got some problems with specific blog posts. It is also possible that it could perhaps stop your hosting for some time. Because of this, I would recommend having this plugin on low traffic day. In case you have a site in which there are over 1000+ posts, apply some online websites to discover 404 links on your site.

3. SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin

SEO Smart Link plugin is a another best wordpress seo plugin that allows you instantly linking your words to other post link of you site. This plugin is extremely helpful for on-page optimization. simply by getting your website’s high ranking keywords utilizing the Google webmaster tool. By which, you can increase your site’s ranking. Before using this plugin, you have to be sure of your internal linking, and also be conscious of Google’s linking algorithm. This is one wp plugin I’m running here at, And a main cause for such good interlinking of

4. SEO friendly Images

Through optimizing your site’s images, you can generate a substantial amount of traffic from all image search engines. Actually here at, nearly 1% of visitors is coming from image search engines, and also that is enough. This best wordpress seo plugin adds ALT attributes in your blog images. You should take care in the image name of your blog. If you upload a image with titles such as image005.jpeg or DSC061.jpeg, I would recommend that you generate it a stage to begin giving your blog images more useful names instantly. As an example, in this post I have added the name “WordPress SEO plugin” to the image I applied.

If you are simply exploring numerous SEO plugins for your WordPress blog, you may want to just use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, because it provides almost all of the features provided by many other individual SEO plugins.

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Others some WordPress SEO plugins:

Google XML Sitemap plugin: This plugin is broadly suggested for creating a sitemap of your website, but I recommend that you should overlook this plugin since you can now get the sitemap function in the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

All in one SEO / SEO Ultimate : Repeatedly, you usually don’t require either of these seo plugins because WordPress SEO by Yoast provides almost all the important features.

Robots meta: All of the features of this particular plugin are included in SEO by Yoast plugin also.

In conclusion, i suggest you that never use multiple SEO plugin in your site at a time. It will impact bad effect to the search engine. As a result, you may lost your blog traffic rather than increase. WordPress SEO by Yoast is that kind of SEO plugin, which can perform all functions you need to optimize your site. So, install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, setup it properly and forget all of other SEO plugins.



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