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WordCamp Bharatpur, Nepal – Expressing The Experience, Incredibly awesome

With the aim of learning, connecting, and contributing to WordPress and WordPress Community, WordPress Bharatpur successfully organized the WordCamp Bharatpur, Nepal, on November 9, 2019. We got a chance to attend this program, and here we will be writing about the same. 

Mr. Bikash Pun Magar, as a lead organizer, made the WordCamp a big hit. His dedication and passion towards this awesome WordPress Community made this event successful.

How was the experience in WordCamp Bharatpur?

Registration Experience

Registration was so easy. You could fill up a secure online form and make a necessary online payment. The registration fee was Rs. 15,000/- that is so cheap for all the things you get.

Location and The venue

Our desination for the WordCamp was Paranoma Garden which is located in Tehrasaal Chowk, Bharatpur. Moreover, Paranoma Garden was the best choice as it had sufficient space for all attendees. With beautiful, well-managed, clean garden with beautifully compeling spots, Paranoma Garden really impressed us with its service and quality of food.

WordCamp Bharatpur, Nepal - Expressing The Experience, Incredibly awesome 1

Seminar And Workshop

The attendees were separated into two halls: Hall Elephant and Hall Rhino.

Talking about Hall Elephant, there was no workshop that we could experience; however, eight-speaker from the different fields shared us some of the vital knowledge about Wordpress and all fundamentals.

With the Hall Rhino, things are a bit different. Trainers offered us with a brief knowledge of content writing. Also, we got to experience the workshop. Despite all the prevention, the workshop got into a sudden problem at the starting of the program. We were provided with outdated Xampp software, whereas slow internet speed resulted in difficulty in updating the app too. Nevertheless, The crew and volunteer worked so nicely to solve those issues. We got to learn about WordPress Basic Customization and much more about the practical side of Wordpress.

Panel Discussion 

After a day-long schedule, Organizer allowed us to express our views and give our suggestions. Panel Discussion was very well; besides that, we were not much satisfied with the answer explained about the separation of hall and instruction provided. They must have included that Hall Rhino is much for a beginner, and Hall Elephant is for the professional or above beginners. On this account, Panel Discussion was neither that satisfactory nor a mess.

Closing Ceremony

We were welcomed with a smile on their faces, and we returned with a smile on our faces. It was like they shared their happiness and joy. We went with nothing but came back with hundreds of tips and suggestions from the reputed influencers. In our opinion, the closing ceremony was the best way to end the tiring day.


So, WordCamp Bharatpur was a great success. Although the conference was organized out of the valley for the first time, it was too good. We got to experience the Wordpress community more briefly and learned that the community is truly open for everyone. We came to knew that WordPress offers a variety of responsive theme designs, and users can also make a static site responsive with plugins and adjustments to theme files. In addition, WordPress is free and open source, it’s supported by WordPress-loving communities around the world.

This community of WordPress lovers is responsible for making changes to the source files and keeping WordPress updated and secure. The WordPress community also engages in plenty of outreach to users, hosting WordPress camps around the world and supporting the growth of local WordPress user groups.

Well, that’s it for now. We love your support. So, if you find any problem with our blog or want to add some thoughts and opinions, then please leave a comment. Make sure you stay tuned as we’ll be publishing reviews and news of the technology world.



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