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WordCamp Butwal 2020 Is On Schedule | WordCamp Butwal to welcome around 500 attendees.

WordCamp Butwal 2020 will be held in the Durbar lawn, Butwal for the first time, on January 25 (Magh 11). WordCamp is an event which is organized universally in different countries around the world.”WordCamp Butwal 2020 is the first-ever international conference regarding the information technology sector in Butwal.” says Madhav Dhungana, a software developer by profession and Lead Organizer of WordCamp Butwal 2020.

Statistics suggest that 2 out of 5 websites are built using the WordPress platform among all websites on the Internet. At the same time, about 6 out of 10 sites are found to be built on the WordPress platform in Nepal. WordPress is renowned as a source of news websites, e-commerce websites, business websites, government and NGO pages and simplified and personal blogs. Because WordPress is a popular open-source software that is easy to learn and easy to use, its use is increasing qualitatively. There are more than 500 IT companies working in WordPress in Nepal and thousands of freelancers.

This program will present and share experiences on various topics by 20 well-experienced WordPress experts from Nepal like India and Japan. As the program will also address and engage with various WordPress-related topics and fields. This program will be useful to bridge the gaps between students and companies who currently work in IT and are searching for opportunities to work in IT companies.

It is sponsored by WooCommerce, JetPack, Bluehost, GoDaddy HubSpot, Broadway Infosys, Rigorous Web Services, BUTWAL WEB, CSRI, E-NEPSTERS, Envitetech, Hispeeed Computer, Proshore, WEBPAGE NEPAL, Laxmi Electronics and various WordPress-related indigenous and foreign organizations. Butwal does not have enough efficient IT-related programs organized. This conference is expected to be joined by more than 500 participants. Therefore, “WordCamp Butwal 2020” is assumed to develop international reach by increasing the IT level in the region.

Madhav Dhungana also mentioned that all the expenditure for the conference will be transparent and at the end of the WordCamp, all the expense will be made public on their official website.

For further details about the program and to apply for participation,

Please visit: WordCamp Central | WordCamp Butwal



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