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Why you should attend WordCamp Butwal 2020?

After early bird ticket closing our ticket price will be increased to Rs 1500. So hurry up! and don’t miss your chance for 100 ticket.

Wordpress is a big community, WordPress developers, designers, experts, and enthusiasts gather under the same roof to share ideas and make a stronger community. WordCamp Butwal 2020 will be held on January 25, 2020, at Durbar Lawn, Shanti Chowk, Yogikuti, Nepal.

Frankly speaking, We have been a part of some of the past WordCamps; if it’s your first time, we bet you will be surprised to experience the conference. Here we will be discussing the reasons for you to attend WordCamp Butwal.

Affordable – Not a pain to your pocket

Wordpress Butwal has much to offer just for $10 (NRs 1000/-) Wordpress Camps are some of the biggest conferences that are held in Nepal. So, offering lunch, snacks, a t-shirt, and tons of learning from the experts, I guess your $10 will be worth to spend.

Experience the Massive WordPress Community

Wordpress here in Nepal is somehow the most used content management system. Users from different sectors gather in the conference put down to this; a beginner can interact with the expert and get some initial motivation with valuable learning.

Workshops for beginners

As a beginner, it’s a great place where you get to experience workshops on different aspects of WordPress. Everyone loves to learn from professionals; likewise, here, experts will guide you to learn from scratch and return back with much knowledge.

Why you should attend WordCamp Butwal?
Why you should attend WordCamp Butwal?

Great For Users And Bloggers

Wordpress is full of the developer, coder, or WordPress professional where you will learn something as they will share and guide you with their experience. You don’t have to be a developer or coder to visit WordCamp, but I bet you will come back with the motivation to be one. Bloggers can become proficient in their sector as International speakers will also be there to guide them with all the necessary elements in blogging. Moreover, the user will get a piece of in-depth knowledge about WordPress, its importance, and more things that you can even expect.

Wrap up

That’s all we have to say. I recommend you to participate in WordCamp Butwal, and if possible, you act as a helping hand. You can volunteer this program, be a sponsor, or share your experience as a speaker. I will make sure to provide the official link to the WordPress Butwal website; thus, you can check for more details accordingly.

WordPress Butwal – Enter the WordPress Community.




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