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What would happen if Google stops? – Things You should know

So, What would happen if Google stops?

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world that has a hugely popular search engine (Google). Google has a great impact on the internet. Not only talking about the search engine, but Google also offers a lot of other services and a lot of computers already depend on Google being alive to work properly. There are probably even more services, which are used by servers all around the world. Most of its products like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Maps, etc. provide an unmatched user experience with a very high level of integration between them.

What will happen if Google shuts down for a day? We went through different Quora answers and used our thoughts too. So, If Google suddenly disappeared, every server owned by Google shuts down, how big would the impact be on the internet? Would the internet collapse completely as there is just too much which is dependent on Google’s services?

What if Google went down for a day?

Google did shut down in the past. Not for a day, but for a few minutes and the internet went crazy. In August 2013, Google and all of its services came down for two to three minutes. Internet traffic as a whole went down by a massive 40 percent. A similar incident occurred on May 2009.

lets answer you on point. Shall we? What will happen if Google shuts down for a day?

  • During the first few minutes of the outage, people will check their internet connections. Some will even call their ISPs. Those who are tech-savvy may check for hardware failures on their side.
  • Finally, people will begin to realize that Google is actually down. Google has a history of being so stable, people wouldn’t believe that Google is down.
  • All around the world, users will be taking screenshots of the Google server error page (likely a 500 error) and your Facebook news feed will be flooded with posts like, “OMG I can’t believe it!-Google is down.”
  • People will begin looking for an alternate search engine. Other alternatives like Bing and Yahoo will get huge traffic and also be the only happiest person on the shutdown.
  • DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn’t track your browsing habits, will start trending on Twitter. People will realize it’s good. 
  • Many other internet applications that use Google services as a back end will also come down. Without access to Gmail for 1 day, productivity across the whole world will drop by a huge margin.
  •  Revenue loss- not just for Google, but for all the companies throughout the world that rely on Google. 
  • iPhone users who rely on Google Maps will be lost in the lanes.
  • Internet life in China will remain unaffected.
  • And finally, Google will surely fix the problem and explain the world what just happen.
  • Google I’m feeling lucky button introduces you to the world of amazing doodles. It also finds the best search result for your query in a single attempt. So, if no Google, no I’m feeling a lucky button.
  •  No Google, no bugs, no bounty. People who submit error reports to Google and get rewarded in return will have a dry day. 

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We hope that day never comes when we don’t have Google’s services with our morning tea. Google has become a part of daily life so it will affect everybody on this planet who in any ways uses the internet. More likely, it will not happen (at least not for a long time), and Google will recover and will do its best to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Well, that’s it for now. Make sure you stay tuned as we’ll be publishing reviews and news of the technology world.




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