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List of Top Internet service providers in Nepal

Internet service providers in Nepal

Most people don’t have any idea about where the Internet came from, but they know that the Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks. The Internet is something that everyone doesn’t necessarily need to know about. For every general user, the Internet is something that connects users from different parts of the world so that they can exchange information with each other.

In Nepal, the internet is only a way through which people can have easy communication. Though not having the best internet speed, the number of internet users in Nepal is increasing day by day. Internet was once a luxury, but now it has become a need. With the maximum mobile data pack consumers, wifi is also used as a means of a stable and faster form of internet in Nepal.

The government here in Nepal is slowly implementing digitalization in every aspect. So, to tackle a digital Nepal, we need faster internet, And for the general user, it is tough to choose a stable internet for themselves. With a total of 43 registered ISP’s in Nepal, it the work of struggle to select the ISP of your choice. So, this article will help you out with choosing the best ISP to get your job done, and we have determined them by examining many aspects like customer service, response, ping for gaming, uptime, speed, and torrents. We may not be able to satisfy all users, but our only concern is to help you out with choosing the best ISP for you.

Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Nepal

1) Worldlink

Internet service providers in Nepal

Starting from the top, We have Worldlink known to be one of the fastest internet service provider in Nepal, WorldLink is the most extensive Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal. Worldlink is like the underdog in the game, which has grown from a small business to a stable and robust corporation with professional staff and a strong customer base.

Worldlink came up with the idea of introducing a full package of 25 Mbps internet with additional features like Nettv, SafeNet, support for Go Discount App in early 2019, and everybody is talking and liking about the plan.

Here the PLANS AND PRICING gave by Worldlink in Nepal from which you can choose the plan of your choice.


25 MBPS (1 TV)FeaturesPrice
1 MonthNETTV{ All channel + Youtube), SafeNet, Go Discount App & Time BackRs. 1750/-
2 Month NETTV{ All channel + Youtube), SafeNet, Go Discount App & Time Back Rs. 5100/-
Rs. 4500/-
3 Month NETTV{ All channel + Youtube), SafeNet, Go Discount App & Time Back Rs. 19200/-
Rs. 15000/-

This is one the best plan by Worldlink, you can always trust on Worldlink for your upgrade to digital life. Feel free to visit the official website: Worldlink to know about the other plans and offer to range from 25 Mbps to 60 Mbps.

Contact Worldlink


2) Vianet

Internet service providers in Nepal

Vianet is one of the best ISP you can choose in Kathmandu, but before some month, it had no extension outside the valley. So, here is the excellent news Vianet is expanding its service outside Kathmandu valley rapidly. We must say Vianet is one of the biggest threats to Worldlink in terms of competition.

One of the Service Provider to introduce Fiber Optics Internet, Vianet is  is one of the leading providers of high speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for business and individuals.

Prices and plans are different here in Vianet. For the power user, there is a SOHO Plan, which includes Fiber Biz Silver (20Mbps), Fiber Biz Gold (30Mbps) & Fiber Biz Platinum (40Mbps).


EXTRA VALUE TV+ FeaturesPrice
1 Month 25 Mbps Price, NETTV, Ultraboost, Service Assurance
ViaShop & ViaSecure to come soon
Rs 1,500/-
2 Month 30 Mbps Price, NETTV, Ultraboost, Service Assurance
ViaShop & ViaSecure to come soon
Rs 4,500
3 Month 30 Mbps Price, NETTV, Ultraboost, Service Assurance
ViaShop & ViaSecure to come soon
Rs 13,500

Above given is just a glimpse of the exciting features, feel free to visit Vianet to check out all the exciting home plans, and have the fastest home internet at affordable price.

Contact Vianet

  • Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd
  • GPO Box: 8975 EPC 1674 
  • Tel : 01-5970444
  • 9801046410


3) Subisu

Internet service providers in Nepal

Subisu Cablenet introduce cable internet service in August 2004. It uses Optical Fiber Cable to deliver its Cable Internet Solution and MPLS VPN Solution and VPLS solution. Optical Fiber Cable Network provides the backbone transmission media to any service that Subisu has on offer to its clients.

Talking about the internet packages, wIth the Clear TV you get, there is nothing to complain about.


Initial one time set up cost

Duration 25 Mbps Internet With Clear TV ONU Device Charge + Clear TV Set-Top Box Charge Total Price
1 Month Rs. 1,600 Rs. 1,327 + Rs. 1,327 Rs. 4,254
3 Month Rs. 4,518 Rs. 885 + Rs. 885 Rs. 6,288
6 Month Rs. 8,121 Rs. 619 + Rs. 619 Rs. 9,359
12 Month Rs. 15,600 Rs. 442 + Rs. 442 Rs.16,484

Installation charge is free for all.

So, this is what you pay for 25 Mbps Internet, Clear TV Premium Package, 275+ Digital Channels & 75+ HD Channels just for the price starting at Rs.4,254. This is only the Initial One Time Set-Up Cost. After the installation you can only pay Rs. 1,600 for a month, Isn’t that great? You can check out the other plans and packages : Click to Visit.

Although we hear many complains about Subisu for being slow with the internet but there are some goods response too. So, frankly we have mixed feeling about Subisu.

Contact Subisu


4) Nepal Telecom (NTC ADSL)

Internet service providers in Nepal

Yes, ADSL has really worked alot on the its development and i must say internet services are better than the Classic Tech. They have 8 Mbps unlimited internet service over FTTH at the same price of Rs 800/month. Moreover, with access to all 75 district ADSL is one the cheapest & best choice you can make.

For the 5 Mbps actual fast you just need to pay just Rs. 800 and enjoy the month with high speed. Also, you just need to pay for the router because telephone line wth gets the work done.


PackageSpeed UptoPrice(NRs.)Validity
1 Month Unlimited5Mbps8001 Month
6 Months Unlimited5Mbps43006 Months
12 Months Unlimited5Mbps80001 Year

Yes, these is the one of the best data pack by ADSL, with 5 Mbps superfast and actual 5 Mpbs not more or less internet you can easily imrpove your digital speed. For more information you can always check out: Nepal Telecom (NTC ADSL)

Moreover, the modern needs of customers Nepal Telecom came up an upgrade to Fiber To The Home (FTTH) based on Next Generation Network Technology. Now, Customers can get high speed broadband internet service ranging from 1Mbps to 100 Mbps as well as IP based voice service currently and multimedia service will be available in near future.

Contact Nepal Telecom (NTC ADSL) – Technical support

  • Central Office, Doorsanchar Bhawan
  • Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Tel: 977-1-4210105
  • Fax: 977-1-4210119
  • Email:

5) Classic Tech

Internet service providers in Nepal

Offering 50 Mpbs for just Rs. 471 may been seen to be attractive and compelling but thing are limited to paper only. As, We were once a user of Classic Tech due to this we are known to all the pros and cons. Let us clear the things, with the offers no one can overtake Classic Tech but with the internet speed you get Classic Tech is seen to provide less than 5 Mbps internet speed saying its a 50 Mbps intnernet.

You can face timely no internet symbol and with that if you accidently are from outside the valley than the customer care will trouble you too. Being a active customer from, we hated Classic Tech staff for keeping calls engaged and we need to either call Kathmandu office and trasfer the call.

Classic Tech is actually seen to love only the Kathmandu customers. If you are from Kathmandu, you can always choose Classic Tech because it is one of the fastest internet for cheapest price there.

Unlimited Plan

20 Mbps1 month3 months6+1 Months12+2 Months
Package PriceRs 2100 Rs 5850Rs 11100 Rs 20400
FTTH CableRs 1000Rs 500Rs 1000 Rs 1000
Wi-Fi Fiber Router Rs 3000Rs 3000Rs 3000Rs.3000
Refundable DepositRs 1500 Rs 1500 Rs 1500 Rs 1500
TotalRs 6100Rs 9350Rs 14100Rs.23400

These are some of the inlimited data plan, for more data plans you can always check: Classic Tech

Contact Classic Tech

  • Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Contact (Corporate Sales): 9801006633
  • Phone (Home Sales): 9801004477


Having written all of those, We believe you have found the best Internet Service providers in Nepal as your requirement in Nepal. Well, that’s it for now. Make sure you stay tuned as we’ll be publishing reviews and news of the technology world.



  1. I am user of Classic Tech from outside the valley and really i am facing same problems.
    Thanks for mentioning all the problems with Classic Tech.
    I am really confused between Worldlink and Vianet, which is better?


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