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Top 10 Tech Blogs You Should Follow in 2020

Taking in mind about today’s growing global tech network, these are some of the greatest Top 10 Tech Blog sites having an impactful influence on the users around the globe. We tried listing them according to public influence as well as Alexa ranking. We know that tech blogs are reasonable for its readers to assume that they’re reading facts on their screens or at least some well-informed analysis based on facts.

Here are the blog sites that are known for their knowledge and facts based on some well-researched source.

So, Here is The List Of Top 10 Tech Blogs

Top 10 tech blogs
Top 10 tech blogs you should follow in 2019

1: Business Insider
The top-ranked blog on the list is an American financial and business news website published by Insider Inc. Business Insider is a reputed blog to achieve 332 Alexa rank within a short period of its digital life. It’s a place for people to learn and analyze business news, the site aggregates news stories on various subjects from around the web.

2: The Verge
The Verge is also an American financial and business news website that is published by Vox Media. It’s a technology journalism website that publishes news items, long-form feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, and podcasts.
The Verge is not arguably one of the top-ranked blog sites to achieve the Alexa rank of 564.

3: The Next Web
The Next Web is another big name in the world of tech blog.
It is known to report and feature opinions or articles on the business of technology news, analysis of new tech companies, apps, products, emerging internet trends, culture, and marketing topics.

4: Mashable
Next up we have the Mashable. As the name suggests this blog mashes up all the news and rumors from the tech world, entertainment, and social network into one blog that you won’t get enough off. This blog site also has an Alexa rank of 813.

5: Hackernoon
Hackernoon is an independent tech blog with honest and unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals. With the excellent record of 7,000+ contributing writers, 200,000+ daily visitors and 8,000,000+ monthly pageviews Hackernoon is the big boy in the game of tech blog too.

6: GeekWire
Different blog sites have different purpose of sharing the information on the category of topic. GeekWire is another blog website known to cover news on startups and established technology companies. It is not just associated with news on technology but also consistently providing the information on job vacancy too.

7 Cnet
Another big blog site by CBS Interactive is Cnet. It is known to have a regular schedule to publish reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally. With the Alexa rank of 178, Cnet is one of the most reputed companies in the global digital world.

8: Gizmodo
With the meaningful slogan “We come from the future”, Gizmodo is a blog website that publishes information on a wide variety of topics ranging from technology to science fiction. Gizmodo is the website with the Alexa rank of 492 and known to have a subsite io9, which focuses on science fiction and futurism.

9: ZDNet
It’s a business technology website that is owned by CBS Interactive. ZDNet is known for its great success in covering topics such as enterprise IT, open-source, WEB 2.0.
‘Where technology means business’, that’s what ZDNet says and is their main slogan.

10. Android Authority
Android Authority is a widely known blog website in the world of technology news and is an independent online publication that is a voice for the world of Android & technology. Talking about the community, their spread is across the internet through their various channels which include: website, app, RSS, newsletter, forums, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Flipboard.



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