Samsung Added Super-Slow Motion and AR Emoji to Galaxy S8

A few months back, Samsung introduces the Super Slow-Motion and AR Emoji features to Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. And also recently released Note 9 came with the same features. But what everyone didn’t expect is the same features in Galaxy S8. Samsung Added Super-Slow Motion and AR Emoji to Galaxy S8.

Earlier, Samsung releases updates that include some features from new Galaxies devices. Samsung brought the Super Slow-Motion and AR Emoji to the Galaxy S8 to the security patch for the month of September 2018. The updates come with 553.10 MB updates. Now you can upgrade your devices to the next level. But the problem is you can’t downgrade the phone after update due to security policies. It’s nice to Samsung, to add such features in their old flagship devices too.Samsung Added Super-Slow Motion and AR Emoji to Galaxy S8

Samsung Added Super-Slow Motion

At the launch, Galaxy S8 can only record Super-slow motion at 240fps in 720p. But now, it can record the 480fps in 720p. Though Super-Slow Motion allows you to record very short clips for 960fps or 480fps video in 720p, S8 is getting only 480fps in 720p.

AR Emoji

AR Emoji features allow you to take AR pictures in real time. Actually, it’s similar as of Apple’s Animojis. We can make our own 3D emoji and can add masks and try to track our head and mouth movements. Now, S8 owners should be happy about getting such interesting features on their phone.

Source : Reddit

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