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Promoting Your Business Through Facebook

Social Media plays a very important role in today’s life. Facebook is the most used social media website of all time. It connects us with people from all around the globe. This creates a golden opportunity for us to promote our business through facebook. Facebook holds 1.60 billion users and you can reach your voice to such a large audience. Having a Facebook page makes your business looks genuine and trustworthy to customers.

Almost all small and big businesses have started focusing on online promotion then using older ways of advertisements. Facebook is a very powerful platform to promote your business and if you are new to it, then you might find it a little difficult to start. Earlier we talked about methods to change Facebook name before 60 days and now we are again back with a new facebook guide. Well, you can follow my guide and start promoting your business through facebook today.

Create a Facebook Page

Promoting your business with your personal Facebook account will limit your reach. Facebook Page is a great option, unlike making friends people will have to like your page to see your posts in their news feed. It’s good to have a short URL that is easy to remember by people. Add your brand logo to your profile picture and write a short review of your business in the description of your page which conveys your services to people.

Post Regularly

Most businesses just stop after creating their facebook profile but that’s the wrong decision. You need to post regularly on your page to keep in touch with your customers. Don’t always promote your services, share behind the scenes videos or your new project experiments to people. This will not only help you to earn their trust but this also reflects your transparency and your dedication towards your job.

Engage your followers

It’s very important to engage with your followers. Facebook recently came up with a new algorithm that favors posts to maximum views which create engagement. You may have seen lots of memes that convey text “Tag your friends” these types of posts get lots of likes, comments, and share and they reach a larger audience.

Take advantage of your fans

People most likely prefer a thing that their friends or someone they know have already tried it. It is easy to earn the trust of your customer’s friends. There is a very popular saying “Your customers are your best advocates”. You should post something that your fans like to engage with like create polls, share some interesting images, ask questions, etc. These things will attract your fans to engage with your post and when they do their friends will see their activity in their newsfeed. Provide special discount codes through your facebook page so people keep checking your facebook page to grab it. Giveaways provide a great opportunity to engage your fans with greed.

Try Facebook Advertisements

Building an audience organically is a difficult task. Try facebook advert in such situations, to reach larger audience. Promoted posts on facebook look similar to any other facebook posts but are shown only to the targeted audience. Increasing chances of getting more engagements on your posts and getting more fans. Facebook advert tool is very powerful and used by almost every big brand. This not only helps to reach your post to a larger audience but also you gain many new fans. Facebook will show your promoted post to only those people who may find your post familiar. This will increase the chances of people trying out your product or service.

Well, this was my guide to promote your business through facebook. I am very confident that If you try them then your revenue from business will increase. Advertising your business on facebook costs very less than advertising offline. I have tried to explain everything in simplest way as possible still if you face any issue make sure to ask me out in the comment section below.



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