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Helmets Nepal Celebrates the Opening of its Third Showroom in Nagpokhari

Helmets Nepal has successfully inaugurated the third showroom in Nagpokhari.

Helmets Nepal started the New Year by opening the doors to their third showroom in the heart of the city at Nagpokhari, on 3rd Baisakh.

About Helmets Nepal

Now a pioneer in the after-sales automotive industry specializing in providing helmets and other safety gears, Helmets Nepal first began its operation in Kathmandu in 2016 as a one-click online platform and a store in Anamnagar. The same year, Helmets Nepal became the first motorcycle safety gear and accessories industry to introduce the concept of showrooms in Nepal by opening its first one in Maitighar. Another showroom followed in Teku, next to their corporate office in 2019.

Helmets Nepal Celebrates the Opening of its Third Showroom in Nagpokhari

Helmets Nepal Showrooms

With the theme of the Kathmandu riding experience, the design, and the character of the recent showroom are inspired by the structural elements of the Kathmandu Valley.

One can find that the slate tiles floors match those of Basantapur, the wooden decorations compliment the prominent wooden architecture around the valley along with the red-bricked walls that give Kathmandu valley its remarkable look. For this very reason, the showroom has been aptly named Layeku, meaning Durbar Square in Nepal Bhasa.

This idea of basing each showroom on a particular riding theme started with the Maitighar showroom now named Maitighar Rajmargha’s Highway Experience interior. Similarly, the Teku showroom emulates the Off-road Experience, now given the name Mardi.

With this third showroom, the company wants to keep pursuing the route of providing the best customer experience and easy availability of safety gear.

Regarding this recent expansion, the Helmets Nepal team wants to credit the company’s sustained growth to the team’s shared vision of Thinking ahead, Building solidarity, and Ensuring road safety. The team also wants to press that it would have never been possible without their customers, a critical external constituent that now has become a Helmets Nepal community in itself.  Customers aren’t just buying the products, but also the HSN experience which has helped carry the name and values of Helmets Nepal forward.

The opening campaign began from the first week of Chaitra heavily backed by digital posts on social media platforms. The audience’s enthusiasm was seen well in the online interaction in the said posts that made the opening campaign and event all the more fulfilling.

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The Nagpokhari showroom opening is running its campaign simultaneously with Helmets Nepal’s New Year’s Bonanza campaign 2078 that will continue till 7th Baisakh with prizes up to Rs. 10,000 on the purchase of riding gears from Helmets Nepal.

Helmets Nepal is a one-stop solution for all your riding needs with safety gears ranging from varieties of helmets, safety apparel lubricants and, riding techs.



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