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FAU-G Mobile-First Looks | The Mobile Option for PUBG in India

In this article, we will reveal everything about the most awaited FAU-G Mobile-First Looks.

Everyone’s favorite battle royale game, PUBG Mobile is now banned over many months in India. We knew that the ban hammer is about to drop, but it’s the news of an “Atmanirbhar” alternative to the game that has taken us off balance.

The FAU-G was revealed as a new Pubg (you can see the identical name) option back in September as short for Courageous and United Guards. And now on the occasion of Dusshera, the FAU-G Mobile trailer was shared on-line.

FAU-G Mobile-First Looks

n-Core Games, the producer of the title, took the minute-long teaser video to Twitter last night. It shows what this FAU-G, a story-driven graphical and gaming will look like when it begins next month. Oh, the tweet also reveals the time frame for the launch of the game India in November 2020.

It was first mentioned that it was coming at the end of October. Now it appears like we have to expect to have to install it on our smartphones for a couple more weeks.

Ok, if we want to comment on the visuals, the cinematic trailer itself makes us look for more. It could be a game from Atmanirbhar and a start to create a PUBG substitute, but the polishing still seems lacking. This tends to be an overall consensus among social media users.

Next month, FAU-G will be released and nCore Games still have time to improve the graphics.

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Sum Up

This is the information we wanted to share with you. Although nCore Games claimed to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile, the trailer seems to give us an idea about the final result. The game really needs a lot of improvement to compete against PUBG.

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