Make Videos Responsive in WordPress

In WordPress, some of the themes won’t let YouTube or any embed video responsive. Some theme doesn’t even show the full video and you need to zoom out the page to view the video. And some doesn’t fit with the screen.
In this short article, we gonna show you the way to make any video on-site to be responsive.

The easiest way to make the video responsive is to install FitVids WordPress plugin. After installation, you need to install the plugin. Then go to Appearance » FitVids and enter a CSS selector class. WordPress automatically adds .post class to the articles, so you can just use that.

Then save it and open the pages which contain the video. And maximize the browsers and adjust it by dragging horizontally or vertically to confirmed the video is responsive.

To learn in details, watch the video

Sakar Aryal
Sakar Aryal
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