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1000+ Jobs Available in Canada for Foreign Workers in 2022

1000+ Jobs Available in Canada for Foreign Workers in 2022 1

Canada is a great place for work, with tons of amazing opportunities for foreign workers. If you’re thinking of working in Canada, you’re in luck – the country has a ton to offer, from world-class multinational companies with great job opportunities. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best jobs in Canada, including the highest-paying jobs.

1000+ Jobs Available in Canada for Foreign Workers in 2022 2

Statistics Canada reports that the average salary for Canadian employees is around $50K per year, but this varies depending on province, gender, race, age, and industry. In addition, the pandemic has impacted salary expectations, with employers expecting salaries to increase by 3 per cent in 2022.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what the best job is. It often depends on your personal interests, skills, and priorities. However, if you rank jobs based on average salaries, employment growth, and future prospects, you can get a list of great jobs. That’s what the Canadian Business does every year, when they release a ranking with the best jobs in Canada.

Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Accounting Manager$CAD 178,000
Chartered Accountant$CAD 104,000
Financial Analyst$CAD 160,000
Graphic Designer$CAD 75,800
Architect$CAD 147,000
Business Analyst$CAD 154,000
Civil Engineer$CAD 111,000
Mechanical Engineer$CAD 118,000
HR Manager$CAD 178,000
Pharmacist$CAD 95,000
Physician/Doctor$CAD 155,000
Lawyer$CAD 135,000

Latest Available Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers:

1000+ Jobs Available in Canada for Foreign Workers in 2022 3


Housekeeping staffs are needed for Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre in Campbell River, BC, Canada. Salary is $16.00 to $17.50. This is Full time job. Housekeepers need to be observant and have a meticulous eye for detail in order to keep the environment clean and comfortable for guests who regularly get wet and muddy from playing outdoors. They work independently and as part of a team to make sure that all areas of the guest accommodation and public spaces are clean, sanitized, and in order.


The Cleaner will keep the building clean and in order, performing heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, and removing rubbish. They may also be responsible for notifying management of the need for repairs. This job is perfect for an energetic and ambitious Cleaner who is looking for an opportunity to make a real difference. The ideal candidate for this position will be responsible for keeping buildings in clean and orderly condition, performing heavy cleaning duties, and ensuring that all areas are clean and presentable.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply?
CleanerAll over CanadaApply Now
Cleaner / JanitorAll over CanadaApply Now
HousekeepingAll over CanadaApply Now
Housekeeping ManagerAll over CanadaApply Now
JanitorAll over CanadaApply Now
Room AttendantAll over CanadaApply Now
Light Duty CleanerAll over CanadaApply Now

Fruit Pickers

Fruit picking is a great job for those who love the outdoors and want to make some money while enjoying the fresh air. Canada is a great place to find fruit picking jobs, as the country is home to many orchards and berry farms. The average salary for a fruit picker in Canada is between $10 and $20 per hour.

Farm labourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
General Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Dairy Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Apple PickerAll over CanadaApply Now
Mushroom PickerAll over CanadaApply Now
Vegetable farm workerAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm ManagerAll over CanadaApply Now
Seasonal Grain Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Greenhouse workerAll over CanadaApply Now
Fruit & Vegetable PackerAll over CanadaApply Now
fruit farm labourerAll over CanadaApply Now


Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their clients or packages are transported to their destinations on schedule, and they may have to work nights and weekends to make sure everything is taken care of. They may also be responsible for fulfilling any administrative needs, like office pickups.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
Truck DriverAll over CanadaApply Now
Delivery DriverAll over CanadaApply Now
Taxi DriverAll over CanadaApply Now

Chef / Dishwasher / Kitchen Helper

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
ChefAll over CanadaApply Now
WaiterAll over CanadaApply Now
WaitressAll over CanadaApply Now
BaristaAll over CanadaApply Now
Room service WaiterAll over CanadaApply Now
Food ServerAll over CanadaApply Now
Kitchen helperAll over CanadaApply Now
DishwasherAll over CanadaApply Now

Garment Workers

Apparel workers are responsible for cutting and sewing fabric and other materials into clothing. In most cases, they work in textile manufacturing plants, although some plants use automated machinery for cutting. Sewing machine operators join the fabric pieces of a garment together and attach buttons, zippers, and decorations.

Factory Workers

Workers at factories and plants produce items such as lumber, pulp and paper, food and beverages, plastics, textiles, chemicals, and energy.

Jobs range from simple manual labor to complicated machinery operation in industries where safety is paramount. The labor is repetitious and physically hard, but also highly technical and responsible while operating huge machines.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
Factory LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Factory WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
factory Labourer – manufacturingAll over CanadaApply Now
General LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Garment Factory LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Production LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Factory MaintenanceAll over CanadaApply Now
Factory HelperAll over CanadaApply Now


Electrical wiring, systems, and fixtures in buildings can be installed and repaired by you. You can also install conduits and pipes to house electrical wires and cables. Making sure the piping complies with electrical codes is important to them, as is installing circuit breakers and other electrical hardware. Connecting wiring to these components is something you are skilled at.

General Labour | Packing Worker | Building Cleaner

A Chef or Cook is responsible for using their culinary expertise to create appetizing dishes for diners to enjoy. Their duties include overseeing kitchen staff, tasting dishes before going to customers and restocking food produce as needed.

Dishwasher Washes all wares including pots, pans, flatware, and glasses, by hand or using dishwashers. Correctly places and stores clean equipment, dishes, and utensils in assigned storage areas. May assist in cleaning and preparing various foods for cooking and/or serving, as directed.

Office Assistant Jobs

Throughout the day, the office assistants greet the office manager and office workers as they arrive and receive tasks to complete. They answer phone calls, make copies, fax documents, organize office supplies and greet office visitors. They participate in meetings and take notes for participants to review later on.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
PlumberAll over CanadaApply Now
Kitchen helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Warehouse keeper helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Assistant cookAll over CanadaApply Now
Security GuardAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Machine OperatorAll over CanadaApply Now
General Labourer – FarmAll over CanadaApply Now
Store CashierAll over CanadaApply Now
Packing Machine Set-up OperatorAll over CanadaApply Now
Fruit Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Pastry ChefAll over CanadaApply Now
Nanny / BabysitterAll over CanadaApply Now
Food And Beverage ServerAll over CanadaApply Now
Sewer, textile productsAll over CanadaApply Now
Child Caregiver – Private HomeAll over CanadaApply Now
Butcher, Retail All over CanadaApply Now
Light Duty CleanerAll over CanadaApply Now
Food Service WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Wood Products Production WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Painter/ Sprayer PainterAll over CanadaApply Now
Office Helper / Office AdministrationAll over CanadaApply Now
Laundry WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
ReceptionistAll over CanadaApply Now
WelderAll over CanadaApply Now
BaristaAll over CanadaApply Now
Restaurant managerAll over CanadaApply Now
Hotel front desk clerkAll over CanadaApply Now
Construction helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Bakery labourerAll over CanadaApply Now
WarehousepersonAll over CanadaApply Now

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