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1000+ General Workers Needed in Canada | Urgently Hiring Now (2022)

1000+ General Workers Needed in Canada | Urgently Hiring Now (2022) 1

If you are looking to get a job in Canada in 2022, you are at right place. We publish up-to-date job vacancies available in Canada for foreign workers. Canada is becoming more popular for foreign immigrants for Jobs, Education and Business.

Canada’s economy is booming which is the main reason behind all this. Let’s get started – find a job in Canada.

1000+ General Workers Needed in Canada | Urgently Hiring Now (2022) 2
  • The Canadian food supply is stable and secure, providing food at reasonable prices for those in need.
  • This is critical for the livelihoods of Canadian farmers, as well as millions of related jobs and our economy.
  • Encouraging the mainstreaming of adaptation planning helps ensure the agriculture sector in Canada is resilient to climate change.
  • Demand for Canadian agricultural products is likely to increase as the Canadian population and global populations expand.
  • The world increasingly looks to renewable energy, fibre, chemicals and other agricultural products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and Canada is in a unique position to lead in growth in these areas.

1000+ Farming Job Openings in Canada

Company TypeAgriculture and Farming
Job LocationAcross Canada
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
EducationSecondary Level/High School/Diploma/Degree
ExperienceNo Experience Needed
SalaryDepends on Job
Skills NeededFruit Picking, Packing, Cleaning work area

Farm Workers Job Available in Canada

With the overall number of agricultural jobs in Canada reportedly dropping over the past few years, along with a shift from hiring temporary foreign workers (TFW) to permanent Canadian resident status, these roles are currently hard to fill. For any Canadian farmers or farm workers looking for a change in employment, this job posting may be a great option for you.

General Farm Workers Urgent Opening Free Visa Sponsorship in Canada

This job posting for general farm workers is a good option for you if you are seeking a change in employment or have the intention of immigrating to Canada. This job is advertised on the Canadian government website for Canadian farmers and farm workers. Free sponsorship for the program for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is available for this job. What does this job entail?

General farm workers perform a variety of jobs, such as operating machinery and livestock, transporting food, cleaning, maintaining properties, processing, feeding, cutting and harvesting. They also take care of the basic needs of farm workers.

Individuals who are interested in applying for this job requires a clean criminal record, good health and food handlers certification. This position does not require any work experience. Employment for general farm workers is seasonal. You must have a Canadian work permit to apply for this job. This job posting is a good option for you if you are seeking a change in employment or have the intention of immigrating to Canada. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is an agency of the Canadian government, which inspects food sold to the public for safety and compliance with food regulations. This organization is responsible for insuring that food production, processing and distribution complies with regulations such as the Canada Food Act and Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act.

Farming & Agriculture Industry Jobs in Canada with Salaries

In Canada, over 1000 jobs in the agriculture and farming sectors are available every year, but there are not enough qualified graduates to fill these vacancies. This seems to be a problem for the Canadian government, as their farming sectors continually struggle to find new workers. Indeed, there’s no better time to start your career in the agriculture sector in Canada. But if you’re still in confusion, then the list below will help you make up your decision.

Farm worker$32,305 per year
Grower$57,551 per year
Grain elevator operator$33,691 per year
Agricultural equipment technician$64,571 per year
Purchasing agent$51,095 per year
Warehouse manager$52,358 per year
Agriculture specialist$55,753 per year
Feed mill manager$78,530 per year
Agricultural Operations Manager$84,581 per year
Environmental Engineer$82,250 per year
Biochemist$91,190 per year
Research scientist$80,677 per year

Latest Job Vacancies Available in Canada 2022

In Canada, there are many job vacancies available in different sectors. According to recent studies, the number of job vacancies is expected to increase in the next few years. So, if you are looking for a job in Canada, this is the perfect time to apply. Farm jobs in Canada are in high demand, as the country’s agricultural sector continues to grow. Farmers are looking for workers to help with everything from planting and harvesting crops to caring for livestock. The pay is good, and the work is rewarding. If you’re interested in a career in agriculture, Canada is a great place to start.

The average salary for farm jobs in Canada is about C$40, 000 per year, although this varies depending on the region and the specific job. Despite the low pay, farming remains a vital part of the Canadian economy, and there are many opportunities for those who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

General farm workerMandair Farms LtdAbbotsford (BC)$15.25 hourlyApply Now
Business development officerThe Sales FactoryToronto (ON)$40,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Tractor operator – farmVista Valley Farm Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$15.20 hourlyApply Now
Harvesting labourerTriple 8 MushroomsAbbotsford (BC)$0.29 commission per pieceApply Now
Harvesting labourerKT Mushroom Farm LtdAbbotsford (BC)$15.20 to $17.00 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable packer – farmArmstrong Top PackLeamington (ON)$15.00 hourlyApply Now
Chicken catcherL’ÉquipouleMarieville (QC)$16.00 hourlyApply Now

Check out these more Farm and Agriculture related jobs in Canada:

Contractor – agricultural serviceBarbara Farms Inc.Fingal (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Irrigation supervisor – agricultureRapid Irrigation LtdSurrey (BC)$19.00 to $21.00 hourlyApply Now
Agriculture foreman/womanWestland Hogco Inc.Exeter (ON)$16.00 to $19.00 hourlyApply Now
Contractor – agricultural serviceDenesoline CorporationYellowknife (NT)$65,000.00 to $70,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Agricultural livestock specialistMacEwen Agricentre Inc.Maxville (ON)$45,000.00 to $65,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialistsCarefoot Farms LtdSwift Current (SK)TBDApply Now
Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialistsAA AGRONOMIC CONSULTING INCMoose Jaw (SK)N/AApply Now
AgronomistG.W.R. Visser FarmsVernon Bridge (PE)$60,000.00 to $75,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Field crop foreman/womanHI-GEN Potato Farms INCOutlook (SK)$20.00 to $21.00 hourlyApply Now
AgronomistAgropommeSaint-Joseph-du-Lac (QC)$48,600.00 to $49,500.00 annuallyApply Now
Farm management consultantGowans Feed ConsultingWainwright (AB)$38.46 hourlyApply Now
AgronomistSegra international corp. Westminster (BC)$63,500.00 annuallyApply Now
Dairy herdspersonVan Der Sluijs DairyOlds (AB)$17.50 to $25.00 hourlyApply Now
Business development officerBritespan Building Systems Inc.Montréal (QC)$75,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Ranch foreman/womanClint Ellis Cattle Co.Anahim Lake (BC)$18.50 hourlyApply Now
Farm workers supervisorS & D FarmsAbbotsford (BC)$19.00 hourlyApply Now
Hog operation supervisorVerbeek Farms LimitedChatham (ON)$15.50 hourlyApply Now
Heavy-duty equipment mechanicsAgriLink EquipmentBrownlee (SK)N/AApply Now
AgronomistPioneer Co-operative Association Ltd.Swift Current (SK)N/AApply Now
Farm supervisorL & S FarmsLangley (BC)$20.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm worker, generalSinke Farms LtdPicture Butte (AB)$15.42 hourlyApply Now
Apiary workerHilbert Honey Co. Ltd.Humboldt (SK)$12.63-$13.50Apply Now
AgronomistSYNAGRI S.E.C.Saint-Clet (QC)N/AApply Now
Farm supervisorL & S FarmsLangley (BC)$20.00 hourlyApply Now
Apiary workerHilbert Honey Co. Ltd.Humboldt (SK)$12.63-$13.50Apply Now
Farm worker, generalSinke Farms LtdPicture Butte (AB)$15.42 hourlyApply Now
Dairy herdspersonWilma Farms Canada LtdWalton (ON)$16.00 to $18.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm machinery custom operatorJ. Lipani & Son Sod Farms Ltd.Queensville (ON)$27.00 hourlyApply Now
AgronomistGrassroots Co-opWoodrow (SK)depends on experienceApply Now
Farm produce packing service contractorav greenhouseVineland Station (ON)$15.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorAJC Fergusson Farms Ltd.Alexander (MB)$60,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Farm supervisorSooch Farm Inc.Stayner (ON)$20.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm managerEILERS FARMS (ONTARIO) INC.Zurich (ON)$25.00 hourlyApply Now
Dairy herdspersonNature Glen Dairy Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$18.50 hourlyApply Now
Farm workers supervisor257 East Ag JVElrose (SK)$23.00 to $25.00 hourlyApply Now
Swine herdspersonBuehlmann Farms Inc.Springfield (ON)$16.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorAvina Fresh Produce Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$20.00 to $25.00 hourlyApply Now
Agricultural specialistMARIO CÔTE INC.N/AApply Now
Herdsman/womanRemco DairyMacGregor (MB)$16.00 to $20.00 hourlyApply Now
Livestock farm workers foreman/womanFraser Valley Specialty PoultryChilliwack (BC)$18.50 hourlyApply Now
Agricultural advisorPRODUCETECHGranby (QC)N/AApply Now
Farm operation foreman/womanCarolyle FarmsMinitonas (MB)$22.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorCanwest Farms Ltd.Richmond (BC)$15.00 hourlyApply Now
Pork production technicianErden Farms Ltd.St. Thomas (ON)$15.00 to $17.50 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorRJS Orchards LtdCreston (BC)$22.00 hourlyApply Now
Pork production technicianCFIDunnville (ON)$16.00 to $18.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm workers supervisorCanadian National Growers Inc.Sainte-Anne-de-Kent (NB)$12.50 to $17.50 hourlyApply Now
Swine herdspersonHuronway FarmsBrussels (ON)$15.50 hourlyApply Now
Poultry operation supervisorAralyn Poultry Ltd.Ponoka (AB)$21.63 hourlyApply Now
Agricultural representativeSERVICES AGRICOLES SG INC.Compton (QC)N/AApply Now
Farm produce packing service contractorAlgoma Orchards Corp.castle (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Heavy duty mechanic – agriculturalDouble M FarmsAcme (AB)$18.00 to $25.00 hourlyApply Now
AgronomistSynAgriChesterville (ON)N/AApply Now
Farm workers supervisorGreenwood Mushroom FarmAshburn (ON)$16.25 to $18.25 hourlyApply Now
Agricultural soil and crop specialistMiao’s FarmSt. John’s (NL)$15.00 to $20.00 hourlyApply Now
Irrigation supervisor – agricultureTophay Agri-Industries Inc.Vanderhoof (BC)$26.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorFarming WorxCalgary (AB)$18.43 hourlyApply Now
Farm operation supervisorMahil FarmsAbbotsford (BC)$21.94 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorGC FarmsDelta (BC)$22.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorFRASER BLU FARM ABBOTSFORD LTD.Abbotsford (BC)$23.00 hourlyApply Now
Potato farmerTuberosum Technologies Inc.Broderick (SK)$45.67 hourlyApply Now
Cattle herdspersonPrairie Land and Cattle Co. Ltd.Hardisty (AB)$22.00 to $27.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm operation supervisorHorizon Seeds Canada Inc.Courtland (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Manager, farmCrisp Growers Inc.Morristown (NS)N/AApply Now
Farm workers supervisorGreen Crest Farm CorporationClifton Royal (NB)$13.00 to $16.00 hourlyApply Now
Chore hand – agriculture959699 Ontario Inc.Wallaceburg (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Heavy duty mechanic – agriculturalAgrimax$19.00 to $26.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm operation supervisorSilver Valley Farms LtdMaple Ridge (BC)$19.00 to $23.00 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable farm foreman/womanAgrivilleKingsville (ON)$24.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm worker, generalClos Du Soleil Inc.Keremeos (BC)$14.60 hourlyApply Now
Hog farm workers supervisorHog-Wild Farms Ltd.Watford (ON)$17.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorJasbir Singh Walia, Rani WaliaSurrey (BC)$19.00 hourlyApply Now
Agriculture foreman/womanDaily Fresh ProduceAbbotsford (BC)$21.94 per hourApply Now
Contractor – agricultural serviceSilver Valley Farms Ltd.Maple Ridge (BC)$19.00-$23.00 per hourApply Now
Farm workers supervisorPfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc. Hamburg (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm workers supervisorPfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc. Hamburg (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Irrigation worker – agriculture$16.00 per hourApply Now
HerdspersonLAAN DAIRY LTD.Woodstock (ON)$20.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorLandry, Jean-CharlesCrysler (ON)$18.00 to $20.00 hourlyApply Now
Herdsman/womanArgovia Dairy Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$18.50 hourlyApply Now
Organic farm workerKalala Agriculture LtdGellatly (BC)$16.00 hourlyApply Now
Dairy herdspersonFlinkert Farms Inc Liskeard (ON)$16.35 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable farm foreman/womanMucci FarmsKingsville (ON)$24.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorKarnail Singh Bluberry Farms Ltd.Surrey (BC)$22.00 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable farm foreman/womanBoem Berry FarmsKingsville (ON)$24.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm worker, fruitUpper Canada GrowersHarrow (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Swine herdspersonBeck Farms Meat MarketKingston (NS)$14.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm handQC GOLD TECH INC.Various s$15.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorMOHINDER GILL / JNP FARMAbbotsford (BC)$16.50 hourlyApply Now
General farm workerLNV Agriculture LimitedLa Salette (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Swine herdspersonTopigs Norsvin Canada Inc.Oak Bluff (MB)$17.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm labourerKalala Agriculture LtdGellatly (BC)$16.00 per hourApply Now
Herdsman/womanClint Kraynick FarmsCanora (SK)23.00/hourApply Now
Farm equipment operatorMcDougall Acres Ltd.Moose Jaw (SK)$24 – $30/hourApply Now
Poultry farm foreman/womanMoonfleet PoultryWalkerton (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorDhaliwal VineyardKeremeos (BC)$22.00 to $23.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm manager0914942 BC LtdSurrey (BC)$24.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorEast Garafaxa FarmGrand Valley (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable farm foreman/womanSOUTHSHORE GREENHOUSES INC.Kingsville (ON)$17.25 hourlyApply Now
Beef cattle herdspersonKT RanchesCherryville (BC)$18.00 to $20.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm worker, generalHELP InternationalWeyburn (SK)$15.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorWiebe Holdings Inc.Spirit River (AB)$20.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm labourerSollio Agriculture-La Coop fédéréeVictoriaville (QC)N/AApply Now
Foreman/woman, hatchery workersSollio Agriculture-La Coop fédéréeVictoriaville (QC)N/AApply Now
Farm supervisorJudy’s Tropical Garden IncMarkham (ON)$16.25 hourlyApply Now
Farm labourerSollio Agriculture-La Coop fédéréeSaint-Jean-Baptiste (QC)$17.00 per hourApply Now
Business development officerInstafoodsOttawa (ON)$45,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Analyst, marketingCanada Fortune Group INCToronto (ON)$16.00 hourlyApply Now
Business development officerVSM MarketingMontréal (QC)$17.00 hourlyApply Now
Analyst, marketingDFWRichmond (BC)$39,975.43 annuallyApply Now
Analyst, marketingDFWSurrey (BC)$1,018.48 weeklyApply Now
Business development officergigit Marketplace Inc.Waterdown (ON)$50,000.00 annuallyApply Now
Analyst, marketingBliss InvestingToronto (ON)$40,000.00 annuallyApply Now
General farm workersSpring Creek Market GardenOutlook (SK)13.5Apply Now
General farm workersJANEIL ENTERPRISES INC.Eatonia (SK)N/AApply Now
General farm workersSpring Creek Market GardenOutlook (SK)12.5Apply Now
General farm workersSpring Creek Market GardenOutlook (SK)15.5Apply Now
General farm workersSpring Creek Market GardenOutlook (SK)$11.75-$12.50Apply Now
General farm workersSpring Creek Market GardenOutlook (SK)17Apply Now
General farm workersHilbert Honey Co. Ltd.Humboldt (SK)11.55 – 12.50/hourApply Now
Heavy equipment mechanicSGT 2000 incN/AApply Now
Heavy-duty equipment mechanicRio TintoLabrador City (NL)N/AApply Now
General farm workersHERPERGER FARMSAtwater (SK)$30/hr plus overtimeApply Now
Beef cattle herdspersonSpruce Meadow Farms LtdKincaid (SK)18.00-20.00Apply Now
Farm equipment operatorCF AGRI VENTURESCodette (SK)$24/hr and up depending on experienceApply Now
Heavy equipment mechanicBobcat of Ottawa ValleyOttawa (ON)N/AApply Now
Business development officerThe Answer Company Westminster (BC)N/AApply Now
Beekeeping technicianTLS (Farms) Prt O/A Lalonde Honey FarmsClavet (SK)$12.63 to $18Apply Now
Business development officerAnimatrik Film DesignBurnaby (BC)N/AApply Now
Analyst, marketingElumind Centres For Brain ExcellenceNorth Vancouver (BC)N/AApply Now
Diesel mechanicIron Horse Rentals Ltd.Langley (BC)N/AApply Now
Mechanic, heavy equipmentDistrict of SaanichSaanich (BC)$38.09 hourlyApply Now
Business development officerSt. Francis Xavier UniversityAntigonish (NS)N/AApply Now
Heavy-duty equipment mechanicsOK Tire (Melville)Melville (SK)N/AApply Now
Harvesting labourersNutrien Ltd.Prairie River (SK)N/AApply Now
Farm labourer, grainDennis BohunRichard (SK)N/AApply Now
Business development officerOSCO Construction GroupSaint John (NB)N/AApply Now
General farm workersREDLINE FARMS LTDNipawin (SK)N/AApply Now
Tractor operator – farmBourgault Industries Ltd.St. Brieux (SK)N/AApply Now
Business development officerOSCO Construction GroupSaint John (NB)N/AApply Now
Business development officerAmerican Iron & MetalHamilton (ON)N/AApply Now
Business development officerOppono Lending CompanyOttawa (ON)$55,000.00 annuallyApply Now
General farm workersTRIPLE R HONEY RANCHVal Marie (SK)$12.45 – $16.00Apply Now
Business development officerResume FreeEdmonton (AB)N/AApply Now
Cereal producerPowerUp LeadershipOttawa (ON)N/AApply Now
Yardman/woman, livestockHEARTLAND LIVESTOCK SERVICESYorkton (SK)Depending on experienceApply Now
Heavy-duty equipment mechanicsWestar Ventures Ltd.Prince Albert (SK)N/AApply Now
General farm workersFarmer Browns HoneyMeota (SK)$11.52/hrApply Now
General farm workerToner Produce Ltd.Grand Falls (NB)$12.00 to $13.00 hourlyApply Now
General labourer – farm937742 Ontario IncTeeterville (ON)$14.50 hourlyApply Now
Farm supervisorRaghbir LidharVarious s$17.00 hourlyApply Now
Farm workerRaghbir LidharKeremeos (BC)$14.60 hourlyApply Now
Worker, farmJohnson Fresh FarmsBarnwell (AB)$15.20 hourlyApply Now
Swine herdspersonKingdom Farms IncBentley (AB)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Worker, farmJanayco LTDClear Creek (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Farm equipment operatorBrent Kittelson Harvesting LtdVarious s$18.00 to $25.00 hourlyApply Now
Business development officerCanada Minibins.comVancouver (BC)$35,000.00 annuallyApply Now
General farm workerBarrie Hill FarmsSpringwater Lakes (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Exerciser, racehorseRadcliffe Racing StableVarious s$16.50 hourlyApply Now
Vegetable farm workerBIOTECH GREENHOUSES LTD.Redcliff (AB)$15.42 hourlyApply Now
Farm worker, fruitRajinder Boora/ Sukhvir Singh D/o Lidhar FarmGrand Forks (BC)$14.60 hourlyApply Now
Labourer, field and vegetable cropsStanley and Linda KoscikAylmer (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
Fruit farm labourerHernder FarmsSt. Catharines (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply Now
General farm workerJ. B. Puddicombe & Sons Ltd.Stoney Creek (ON)$14.39 to $14.50 hourlyApply Now

Moving to Canada: Farming & Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners

The links between Canada’s agricultural sector and foreign labour are clear. The Canadian government cites a need for skilled labour in the agricultural sector and links this to the demand of skilled workers in other sectors of the economy. It is not the only sector that is dependent on a supply of foreign labour. Each sector of the economy is looking for skilled workers but with different criteria and for different time periods.

The agricultural sector requires workers with specific skills, such as related to agriculture and horticulture, while other sectors of the economy may need different skills. In the past, Canada has provided some of the most attractive work visas to immigrant workers to meet specific demands.

It is worth considering that the need for skilled workers in agricultural and related sectors will only continue to increase in the years ahead as demand for these workers grows due to population growth and increased consumer demand.

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  64. Kewal Dahal

  65. I am working now qatar in bakary . Can i apply plz?

    1. I’m Bangladeshi from suadi arb please help me i want to work in Canada

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    I am a Ghanaian citizen.

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  88. Hi i am omar From Bangladesh
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